The Kinks – Hastings Pier 6th August 1967

Flyer supplied by Lloyd Johnson. photo from Fanclub television show, in 1967 Photographer: W. Veenman

*Pink Floyd did not appear on the 20th August 1967 but replaced by Unit 4+2. The date was rescheduled for 20th January 1968*

poster supplied by Brenda Crouch

Carol Arnold… AHHHH saw unit 4 plus 2

Heather Smith… went to see them at the White Rock Theatre a few monthes back, may be 8 monthes ago they where good, great music

Mick O’Dowd… What a line-up! If only possible today. Orange Seaweed were also support for Jimi Hendrix.

Ken Copsey… Believe this was Syd Barret’s last gig with Pink Floyd?

Peter Fairless… The rearranged gig in January ’68, yes, Ken

Mick O’Dowd… Does anybody know of anything of Orange Seaweed?

Martin Richter…  like the Dave Dee – not enough room on the poster!

Lisa Jane… Wonder if my parents went to any of these… Only ten bob too

Mick Knights… When, as an apprentice I was only earning about four pounds ten a week out of which I had to pay my mum, buy cloths etc ten bob was a sizeable chunk of your weeks money

Mick Bolton… Full marks for punctuation – DAVE DEE, D., B., M. & T.

Graham Lelliott… As much as i love the Kinks music they were booed off at a concert i attended at the pilot field 67 or 68 for moaning about being tired Geno Washinton and the Ram Jam Band stole the show brilliant .


Rennies to Dennies Nightclub Hastings





supplied by Carl Ridley. Rennies to Dennies nightclub Hastings “good memories” Facebook page.

Carl Ridley, Ollie George, Shane Denman, Darren Gillett.

John Mcewen…..Spent many a happy( or desperate) night leaning on that bar!

Janine Anne Hemsley….Omg. Did jazz down there in 70s. Before ‘disco ‘ lol

Virginia Davis……Used to watch Centre Page play there on a Thursday night. In the days when I could go out on 3 consecutive nights

The Union Bar Hastings…..”i actually only ever once popped in Dennies to use the toilet ”

David Easton…..Will always remember Rennies

Mick Knights….Certainly propped up that bar more times than I care to remember, that was of course when it wasn’t three deep!!


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin… we are from the Summer of 78 –

Yvonne Cleland…….Good grief. Never seen it in daylight!

Chris Meachen…..When I worked at Arbuthnot house, I was on the social club committee, & we hired the place for an evening ‘do’. I was late to the party, as I’d been to see Billy Connoly at the White Rock beforehand. Shortly after I arrived, there was a kerfuffle at the door, so I went to investigate, only to find the bouncers denying said Billy entry, as it was a private function. “I’m on the committee,- of course he can come in”.. Thus ensued one of the most hilarious evenings of my life, & all my co-workers belief that he was a personal friend of mine……

Joe Knight……Carl I think was the longest one there!

Carl Ridley…..Nearly 18 years Joe 🙂

Wendy Weaver… Spent a lot of time in Rennies especially on Thursday nights when the Snoooker crowd used to congregate there in the early 80s. I was the Penguin team Craptain for years (that is what the oteam called me) . Had a great mate called Andy Matt I used to go to Rennies with after long snooker sessions upstairs.

Ad: 8th October 1977

Dennies 1991

Terry Hardwick… Recognise Carl and Shane two of the doormen and is that Willie George ?

Matt Thomas… Darren Gillett there on the door

Expandis – Vines Cross Festival 6th August 1983



all photos by Neil Cartwright, ticket: Raymond Russell, poster

Chris Meachen… I’m in that crowd somewhere….

Alan Esdaile… Roger Carey in the red trousers.

Nikolai Bukharin… amazing to see this, thanks so much for posting Alan. I was at the 1983 one, have very vivid memories of The Enid set, and vague recollections of much else, music wise.

The Troggs – Hastings Pier – 7th August 1966

supplied by Andre Martin

Gerry Fortsch… Does anyone remember if this was the night that the Troggs did not make it and the Mindbenders played instead. I did give Reg Presley a bit of stick about it many years later, the Mindbenders were great.

Peter Fairless… I wonder if Andre would know? My brother had tickets to the no-show gig, he was not impressed.

Robert Wren… I saw The Troggs at the Oasis club in I think the early 80s. No stage and hardly any one there but Reg Presley was on top form.