Rennies to Dennies Nightclub Hastings





supplied by Carl Ridley. Rennies to Dennies nightclub Hastings “good memories” Facebook page.

Carl Ridley, Ollie George, Shane Denman, Darren Gillett.

John Mcewen…..Spent many a happy( or desperate) night leaning on that bar!

Janine Anne Hemsley….Omg. Did jazz down there in 70s. Before ‘disco ‘ lol

Virginia Davis……Used to watch Centre Page play there on a Thursday night. In the days when I could go out on 3 consecutive nights

The Union Bar Hastings…..”i actually only ever once popped in Dennies to use the toilet ”

David Easton…..Will always remember Rennies

Mick Knights….Certainly propped up that bar more times than I care to remember, that was of course when it wasn’t three deep!!


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin… we are from the Summer of 78 –

Yvonne Cleland…….Good grief. Never seen it in daylight!

Chris Meachen…..When I worked at Arbuthnot house, I was on the social club committee, & we hired the place for an evening ‘do’. I was late to the party, as I’d been to see Billy Connoly at the White Rock beforehand. Shortly after I arrived, there was a kerfuffle at the door, so I went to investigate, only to find the bouncers denying said Billy entry, as it was a private function. “I’m on the committee,- of course he can come in”.. Thus ensued one of the most hilarious evenings of my life, & all my co-workers belief that he was a personal friend of mine……

Joe Knight……Carl I think was the longest one there!

Carl Ridley…..Nearly 18 years Joe 🙂

Wendy Weaver… Spent a lot of time in Rennies especially on Thursday nights when the Snoooker crowd used to congregate there in the early 80s. I was the Penguin team Craptain for years (that is what the oteam called me) . Had a great mate called Andy Matt I used to go to Rennies with after long snooker sessions upstairs.

Ad: 8th October 1977

Dennies 1991

Terry Hardwick… Recognise Carl and Shane two of the doormen and is that Willie George ?

Matt Thomas… Darren Gillett there on the door

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