Rennies Priory Street Hastings – cabaret spot of the south 1976

Sheila Maile… Don’t remember a restaurant

Mace Sinden… Wasn’t great

Terry Tollan… My Sister worked there

Graham Bradley… Great guy Don, a night out is what you make it.

Dave Edwards… Who were the top live artistes ?

Stuart Moir… tiny basement venue but it was great to play these clubs in the 70s. Nor do I Sheila, Centre Page played there regularly with our lead singer Dave beano Easton strutting his stuff, great front man and top vocals, loved that part of my music career in Hastings .

Robert Searle… I played there with Centre Page

Chris Howard… We had a regular gig there on a Thursday night, loved it great times in Centre Page.

Mick O’Dowd… DJ’d there in the 70/80’s.

Phil Gill… It was either Rennies or Dennies when they used to have strippers on at Sunday lunch times. Or so some older boys told me.

Thereasa Laverton… Phil, it was Rennies

Tony Davis… Phil, that must have spoiled a Sunday roast

Vicki Keall… Martin got thrown out for laughing at the grannies on grab a granny night!

David Edwards… Vicki, so he should have been, the insensitive oaf!

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