Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich – Hastings Pier 13th August 1967

photo: Fontana Records Ad, location unknown

Mick O’Dowd… All I can say is Zabadack!

Gerry Fortsch… Believe it or not they were a good band.

Colin Bell… It was on this day (56 years ago!) i first met DD & the lads & became lifelong friends with Dave right up until his passing in January 2009, greatly missed, together with Trevor (Dozy), we all shared some great times.


The Music Bar Combe Haven Holiday Park St Leonards-on-Sea 1969

Mick O’Dowd… Remember doing discos there in the 80’s!

Peter Ellingworth… My father worked on the then fledgling Combe Haven around 1959- 1960, in some of its construction. For all I know this may have been some of his handy work….. At the other end of Combe Haven who remembers the former landmark large railway viaduct that carried the former Crowhurst-Sidley-Bexhill West line, which was demolished in 1969?

Heatwave (original band) – Eastbourne 1970




supplied by Martin H Samuel  http://www.heatwave.n.nu

John Fellows (bass / vocals), Terry Shea (rhythm guitar / vocals), Richard Steen (lead guitar / vocals), Martin H. Samuel (drums / pyrotechnics), Peter Allat (lead vocals / percussion).

Martin H Samuel… 1970 outdoor gig in Eastbourne.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone remember going to this gig?

Martin H Samuel… I am the drummer with Heatwave ca. ’69… the 1st and original, south London-based, band by that name not the funk/disco group who ‘borrowed’ our good name in ’75. I know we played in Hastings one winter, I don’t remember where, but our van broke down in the snow on the way home. 1970.  Our record, ‘Sister Simon (Funny Man)’ b/w ‘Rastus Ravel (Is A Mean Old Man)’, was written by our agent, ex-pirate Radio City & Radio London DJ, John Edward.  The 45 was released on the Larry Page Penny Farthing Records label on 13th November 1970. The A-side has backup vocals by The Ladybirds, Rick Wakeman plays piano with Doris Troy singing backup on the B-side. I just learned John Edward passed away last August. 1962, he played guitar in The Manish Boys with David Jones (aka, David Bowie) as the vocalist.  Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) played lead guitar on their single. Having played a week at the Cavern Club in Liverpool in ’70, Heatwave is proud of its commemorative brick, 20 rows above ‘John’, in the Cavern Wall of Fame.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone remember seeing them in Hastings?

Sainsbury’s Cambridge Road Hastings early 70’s

above photos and more from https://www.sainsburyarchive.org.uk/catalogue/search/search/ewao-everywhere:hastings

Steve Fox… Where the abc cinema used to be when I was a child.

Andrew Freeman.. My Mum used to tell the story of how Paul McCartney once got something off the top shelf for her!

Matt Thomas… Had forgotten about the separators

Huggy Leaver… Saturday morning pics , we like to laugh and have a sing song we’re minor’s of the ABC

James Turner… remember it well

Lloyd Johnson… The Ritz….

Debbie Wyatt… Fun shopping on Roller Skates

Kathy Wood… And even though it’s ESK it still has tge Sainbury’s floor tiles

Gary Thomas… I remember going there with my mum on a Saturday just before closing. They didn’t used to open on a Sunday. So people were circling like airplanes over an airport but with shopping trolleys. Then the yellow ticket fun would begin. HALF PRICE BAKERY GOODS! Suddenly the calm atmosphere was filled with trolley people dive bombing the bakery to get to their half priced goods. The funny thing was it was like spot who was here last week. Yep, normally the same people. That was a great memory from Sainos when it was in Cambridge Road.

Pauline Richards… I worked there in the 80s. 9 at night till.7 in the morning!

Ian Johnson… Used to go there with Mum

Martin Curcher… And me when we had the Flat (Beanfeast and Egg Noodles)

Lorna Brazier… I worked there in 82, and left in 83

Jane Freund… I went into labour in this shop, in 1988! Finished the shopping too

Martin Curcher… My first job was working in the Fruit and Veg section in 1981/82. The supervisor was an older lady called Meg

Angela Frances Gardner… Replaced the ABC cinema

Karen Brooker… Used to shop here, it’s ESK now

Jane Kirkham… I worked there when it first opened.

Linda Hollands… Got most of my fruit and veg from green grocers next door to Sainsburys

Anthony Kingsman… Still the same tills and belts i think in the store

Mandy Taylor… I remember those days! Shopping with my nan..

Janette Morfey… If my memory serves me right, it was mid 70’s that it opened. ??

Alan Esdaile… August 74 Janette.

Steve Thorpe… Was it the Co-op before ESK?

Tony Court-holmes… I remember the minors

Lynda Coleman Westlake… Jane, I worked in the old one where nationwide is now lol xxx



Nazareth plus Mike Hugg Band – Hastings Pier 9th May 1975

nazareth 2

 nazareth 1

 nazareth 3

cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey

Mike Hugg Band photo taken on the night by Clive Richardson

Flyer supplied by Roger Carey

Andy Qunta….Pretty sure I saw Nazareth on the Pier! Can’t be sure it was this gig though. Did they play the Pier more than once?

Geoff Peckham…..We (Factory) supported them too, didn’t we? Was it Folkestone, Andy?

Andy Qunta….Think you might be right, Jaffa! As you may know, I have a diary of all the gigs we did up to Aug’73, but it must have been after that. Lost the 2nd diary unfortunately! Btw, planning to make you a copy!

Geoff Peckham….Great, look forward to reading the diary! I get Nazareth mixed up with Geordie (remember them?) We played with one of the at Torquay Town Hall – massive place full of foreign students, some venturing backstage. Geordie had their wives with them so locked their dressing room door. We didn’t!

Steve Kinch….Having played with them many times over the years, Nazareth have become ‘on the road’ buddies. Sadly, Dan was taken seriously ill last year and has now retired from live work.

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