S.O.S. Skidmore, Osborne, Surman and Felix – The Carlisle Hastings 15th August 1975


Phil Thornton… I was at this one ! – they had a couple of VCS3’s which made me happy …. there was a LOT of honking stick action which was hard to understand …. can’t imagine this kind of band being allowed now !!!

Tony Qunta… Yes I remember that very ‘unusual’ gig! Spoke to Mr Osborne – very interesting character!

Terry Pack… I remember this one, too. Great stuff. I got the chance to play with Alan Skidmore a few years later. A wonderful player.

Tony Qunta… Terry, Wow! That must have been quite something!

Martyn Baker… I seem to remember going to this one aged 16. I thought Felix were better, but then what the hell did I know?

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