Hastings Memorial early 60’s – Hastings & St Leonards Cycling Club

photo: Hastings CC Archive https://www.facebook.com/groups/337603693753128/user/100084556761581/

Hastings CC Archive… probably very early 1960s. I don’t know the rider or event (it could be the Catford Hastings and return event run by the Catford CC).

Jane Hartley… Seeboard York Buildings where Millets is now.

Andrew Freeman… I worked in the Seeboard shop in the early 1970’s.

The Factory – Crowhurst Recreation Ground – 19th August 1972


admission to dance 37 1/2p !

Geoff Peckham… I’ve just looked this up in Andy’s famous gig diary. Andy describes a it as ‘a load of rubbish’! PA problems in the first set, small crowd and cold weather given as reasons.
The corresponding gig in ’71 was better, however:
“August 14th at Crowhurst for £15.
This was an outdoor affair and we were up on the back of a lorry which made a change. Once we gained control over the erratic electricity supply we played pretty (well) and people enjoyed it. We had complaints about the noise about 4 miles away which can’t be bad. Mark Anderson blew a train for us which was nice.”
Does anyone remember Mark or know what he’s doing now? I met him at Hastings College in ’69 where he played guitar and harp with Min and me.

Phil Gill… “Blew a train”….is that some sort of euphemism?

Geoff Peckham… I see how that could be misconstrued into an extraordinary feat! No, Mark used to do a great Sonny Terry-style train impersonation on the blues harp. (I think you probably knew that, Phil!)

Stepping Out – Wittersham Village Hall 19th August 1977

supplied by Paul Dengate

Paul Dengate… Another poster from 1977. I must have been there to get the poster, but I have no mention of it in my diary even though I was doing the sound for Stepping Out at the time (e.g. on the Pier the following week).

Conan Howard… was this band Stepping Out not later to become Felix with Wesley Magoogan and Roger Carey etc?

Martyn Baker… Well… I was in the band, and must have played this one…. I have no recollection of the gig though! But Felix were before Steppin’ Out.

Wesley Magoogan… I left Felix and joined Stepping Out which led to the Roaring Eighties.

Martin Stringer… Great band and a very talented young bass player. Guess who.

Wesley Magoogan… My favourite track we played was ‘Hand Jive’

Martin Stringer… Well Wesley you were fecking brilliant. I was and am so proud to have been in the same band as you. I wrote a song you made it.

Ernest Ballard… Didt Felix become Aircraft. I joined that band with Will Thompson and Mick Tanner. Drew on bass and his girlfriend Lynn both from London on piano.

Wesley Magoogan… That is correct Ernie.