Bikers Electrical George Street Hastings

photo © Charlotte Fairlie

Pauline Richards… Remember that so well

Lloyd Johnson… Me too!..the use to have Model Aeroplane kits in the side window in the 50s…I use to get all my modelling items there…KeilKraft, FROG, Veron ,Mercury kits etc…

Jean Wheel… That’s one beautiful shop.

Julie Morris… Miss Biker was my teacher at Elphinstone School. I think she was the owner’s daughter.

Alan Esdaile… Julie, I remember Miss Biker.

Julie Morris… Alan, I remember her being quite strict but fair. Happy memories of that school.

Jane Hartley… Julie, she was, we lost her last year aged 93.

Matt Jones… Was there a Philips electrical shop next door? (cause there was a factory on one of the estates). Or am i merging my memories

Graham Sherrington… yes when George street had some class

Tim Moose Bruce… A victim of the supermarket greed. This company had a maintenance contract with a certain big supermarket chain. They did repairs and maintenance on the checkout conveyers, lighting and other stuff in 4 big stores in Hastings, Bexhill and Eastbourne. Refrigeration company I worked for at the time did the same stores. Trouble was, the stores tied up both companies to the point where they lost a lot of their other clients. Then the supermarket chain dropped both companies and both went under as a result.

Nigel Ford… They came out to Mother’s twin tub problem in the 60’s. Not sure but may have supplied it new too.

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