Neil Landon & The Burnettes 29th August 1964, Alexis Korner 30th August 1964- Witch Doctor

Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin… From The Witch Doctor in 1964, one of the bands that Neil played with before the Lonely Ones.

Gerry Fortsch… I was very impressed with this club, I was never very trendy in truth I looked more like a hairy beatnik. I did catch the Small Faces though.

David Edwards… I’d have been 13 at the time so no chance of getting in but I do remember him being the house band on I think it was 5 o’clock Club a kids programme on the telly, which was quite surreal really.

Rye Secondary Modern School Skiffle Group 1956/57

All photos © Dave Muriel

Dave Muriel… Our skiffle group at Rye Secondary Modern School around 1956/57. Myself and Paul Wood, Robert Pinwell, Chick Holland and ?

John Gale… Excellent photos

Will Cornell… Question from across the Atlantic: is that kid playing a “tea chest” Bass? (over here we use washtubs in our “jug” bands).

Colin Bell… Yes he is Will, just about every early skiffle band had one

Ken Copsey… Lovely photos.

Paul Dove… Was that Chick Holland who was in the early Tremeloes? (Brian Poole and the Tremeleos)?

Jon McCallion… hi Paul, I think it is the same Chick Holland, remember seeing him at the Queens Head in the very late 60s as I remember he was a very talented guitarist and played Shadows stuff quite well.

Paul Dove… Hi Jon, thanks for that info I played with Chick Holland in a Shadows tribute band with drummer Jed Stone, in late 60s early 70s,  yes he was a brilliant guitarist 🎸 he also had a model plane shop in Hastings I remember.

Jon McCallion… he played with Jed Stacy Tim’s brother before he formed his Shadows tribute band.

John Wallbank… Paul, I can well remember Chick , he actually went to Bert Weedon , so he only learnt from the best…

Tylden Reed… Memories! I had forgotten about the group. The guitarist looks like David Wood? I was in the same class as some of them.

Who remembers the Hovercraft at Hastings?

photo shared from: Valerie Churms

Mike Guy… Who remembers the inventor – put that Google down right now!

Mike Waghorne…I believe my daughter was a friend of his daughter and was a local man ?

Eric Harmer… Yes remember it , well was the inventor Rooster Cockburn. 😂😂his name was something to do with chickens

Peter Bridger… I have some of Dad’s old super 8 cine film of that somewhere! Went on a school trip to France on it. I remember it being noisy and bumpy!

Judy Atkinson… Christopher Cockerill

Mike Mitchell… I remember a man walking up the beach in what looked to me like a naval uniform waving a red flag on a stick. He was getting us to move out of the way so the hovercraft could land. I was distraught because the hovercraft flattened my lovely sandcastle

Tony Court-holmes… went on it

Phil Thornton… Remember it well ! – very noisy

Gary Colcombe… Oh yes! What a monster! remember it very well

Roger Simmonds… I remember it very noisy!

Mick O’Dowd… Didn’t they stop it because of the noise? It was rather loud!

Merv Kennard… remember it and the noise

Colin Gibson… It sucked up my Yorkshire terrier