Chas & Dave house full at The White Rock Pavilion Hastings – September 1983

Matt Thomas… Good old Roger Dennett there as well

Sheila Maile… I was there

Clive Garrard… I met Chas Hodges at Radio Caroline. A lovely fella, very down to earth and i really liked him. A much more talented musician than he was given credit for

Angela Jordan… Think my mum and dad went to this

Peter Stacey… I was there I met them both at the venue as a guest. I’d been supplying Dave with old blues records at the time as my job was at Flyright/ Swift records. Dave particularly liked the Blind Lemon Jefferson Tee Shirt I gifted him.

David Wilkinson… Chas and Dave appeared at Uckfield during the Festival 2004 or 5.

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