Crew Davis builders merchants The Ridge Hastings

Supplied by Michael Sherwood 

Michael Sherwood… If I remember correctly this is where Maitland Close (The Ridge) is now

Merv Kennard… remember this well, l worked for M.Tyler furniture in the old Fracmo factory just along the road on the other side.

Alan Esdaile… My sister used to work here and also The Queens Road shop.

Chris Meachen… Remember it well, used to pass it twice each morning when calling for Roger Carey to cycle to school.

Roger Carey… That’s right Chris…I think my former neighbour and childhood friend David Read worked here for a while.

Steve Sampson… Crew Davis was also along Sedlescombr Road North.. … I remember Richard as well as Freddie Darling .. Vic Woodcock … Ron Smart … Victor Bray … Vic Nash … Ernie Philcoxs … I worked for external accountants there

David Boss… I think it was called Gilbert-Davis also . I could be wrong . I remember Roy White worked there

Ralph Town… I knew John Crew for many years.

Andre Martin… Do you remember the original store in Queens Road – trade access round the back also the Fireplace showroom at memorial end of Havelock Road ?


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