Cassette tape happy birthday (3rd Sept 2023) from Boom Radio

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Boom Radio…Happy birthday to the cassette tape! 60 years ago this week, Philips introduced its first compact cassette recorder at the Funkausstellung (Radio Exhibition) in Berlin. C60s, C90s, C120s. Did you get the expensive ones or the cheapos? What did you record?

Merv Kennard… I had a Philips used it to play jingles when djing.

Roy Winchester… Great invention loved it we would not have things today without it.

Ken Hatch… My mate had the Philips and I had the ITT KB ….had great fun making compilations and recording “Alan Freeman Saturday show” and “pick of the pops”

David Fussell… It must be the longest running recording format.

Chris Meachen… I had that exact model…

John Wilde…

Alan Esdaile… Probably wrong but not I Am The Tadpole John?

Kev Towner… C30, C60, C90 Go!!!

Paul Crimin… My Dad had one of those!

Mick O’Dowd… Where would we have been without this for recording the Top 20 shows and stopping & starting it to edit out the DJ!

Mark Randall… Me – Xmas morning ‘71

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