The Mars-Fenwick Band – Fire In The City cassette.

supplied by Pete Prescott

photo taken in The Six Bells at Chiddingly 

Terry Pack… Blimey. That’s a blast from the past. I can’t read the date on my phone. Was it 1986? I don’t think I have a copy of this, and I can’t remember the sessions at all. It says it was recorded at Park Gates, which sounds right. I remember all the players and singers, of course, but not many of the songs. I used to enjoy the gigs at The Six Bells. Keith Emerson (RIP) sat in a couple of times and I think he gave Chris a synth.

Alan Esdaile… Yes 1986.

Chris Cozens… Terry, he did. Keith had an endorsement with Korg and gave me a Poly 800 mk2. Loved going to his studio with his GX1 that stopped a tractor once trying to take a short cut! I remember we weren’t allowed to be on the album cover!

Tim Moose Bruce… Chris, One of the times that Keith turned up at the Bells when I met him, he was on crutches. Was that also related to the tractor incident? That was a great night. I remember him playing a brilliant version of Green Onions.

Catherine Ireland… I loved going to the 6 Bells , we went to Kieth Emerson’s house , he was lovely. I really enjoyed putting the cover photo together, I pulled in a lot of favours for that 😜xx

Robert Carey… My favourite band of all time Cathy.-ELP. Would love to have met him.

Alan Esdaile… Here’s the album sleeve which is a bit clearer…

Shaun Pont… Not Just A Record Shop in Eastbourne had a copy in their racks for sges. May still be there.

Pete Prescott… I met Keith Emerson one mad night at his sons 18th birthday party. Very nice funny guy.

Catherine Ireland… I think Keith was on crutches because he broke his foot playing football with his son ?  Mind you I might have dreamt that

Tim Moose Bruce… Catherine, The night I met him at the Bells, he was on crutches. Did an amazing version of Green Onions on Chris’s keyboard.



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