Did anyone go on the Magic Bus coach trips in the 1970’s?

Leigh Mitchell… No – but I’d go on one now at those prices

Rebecca Roach… What a memory – delighted to find this – I went on the Magic Bus to Athens from Kings Cross station in 1972/3 (?) stayed at The Funny Trumpet hostal in Athens – that was an experience!

R Stene… Yes. London to Athens in 1978. I was the oldest person on the ride (36) and best dressed it turned out. No head rests for three days and a memorable toilet stop for two girls on the side of the road in Yugoslavia in the snow. Lots of interesong smoking going on in the back seats.

Mike Curtis… No. Cos it was “too much”

John Wilde… Yes twice to Amsterdam.

Vicki Campbell… Yes, Athens to Amsterdam 1975. Yugoslavia we broke down near Skopje.  Pretty rough travel but the price was right! I remember how happy everyone was to cross into Austria! The fresh produce in Yugoslavia was the best anywhere.

Heather Sidery… Yes.. France and back. We we’re stopped in UK, and searched by police. Nothing found…..

Julie Findlay-jones… My uncle used to drive for them in the 70s.

David Hamblett… Went to Athens 1979, it cost £28,Should have been 3 days but took 4 as Yugoslavia police stopped the bus and took away the driver, Fantastic

Amanda Darling… David, I was on that bus too! My son was conceived on the roadside in Yugoslavia when the bus driver was taken off by the police!

Joan Hicks… I (a Kiwi) traveled Athens to London 1976. Alan was the lone driver. He had his kids Claire and Roger with him. Alan had a kidney stone attack in the Alps, so the whole busload baby sat until he came back. Also got stuck at the Yugoslavian border, the border guards demanding $200 US for a Visa I already had. 🙁 Also got an unplanned day in Amsterdam. Brilliant trip. Made some good friends and still keep in touch with a couple of them. Traveled on with Alan down to Cornwall and stayed with him and his wife Flora for a few days. Happy days!

Meryl Gay… Yes, I took the 3day trip in 1975 from London via France, Italy over the ferry at Brindisi to Greece down to Athens. What a adventure. We had a puncture in France! Had many happy memories.

Peter Ellingworth… I didn’t myself but my youngest cousin Moira, sadly no longer with us having succumbed to cancer, and over from Australia at the time (1975-8) on their traditional overseas rite of passage, did so with her Canadian flat mate she lodged with in Shepherds Bush…..and ended up in Athens marrying a Greek. Did the bus go from the old coach station half way up Pentonville Rd., (now an upmarket restaurant) or from outside King’s Cross Rail station itself, most likely in York Way ?

Scuzz Monster… Yes, Athens to London in 1981. £35 one way. Two drivers who were involved in all sorts. Smuggling, drunken/dangerous driving, counterfeit currency, drugs, you name it – it was great Set me up nicely for four trans-Canada Greyhound bus trips later that decade but the first big one is always the most memorable.

John Calvert… Yes, Athens to Amsterdam, 1976. Bought my ticket at the Funny Trumpets.


The GT Strokers – The Kit Kat Club September/October 1967


supplied by Andy Webster

The Kit Kat Club in Old London Rd, near Ore Village.
From the left on keyboards is Reverley Stockdale , Andy Webster (guitar), Tony Lambert (vocals), Graham Kent (bass), Paul Freeman (drums).


supplied by Andre Martin

Membership card supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Chris Baker… Ha! Played there once in the early days of The Town Council! I remember learning My Generation especially for the gig.

Robert Searle… Wow what a great picture

Virginia Davis… Whereabouts in Old London Road was it and when did it close?

Alan Esdaile… It was virtually opposite the China Parade, not sure when it closed.

Colin Fox… This must have been taken a long time ago. Rev and Paul, (who Robert Searle and I lodged with in the early 70’s) look very young.

Mick O’Dowd… Deep Purple (Hastings) played there & I did discos there. The building is still there Virginia Davis. It is the long one-storey building with the parking space in front.

Virginia Davis… Thanks. The one that was a car or bike club for a while

Mick O’Dowd… GT Strokers were an excellent band

Chris Baker… As were the Town Council, allegedly! Not sure what year this was though. Thanks Alan for confirming 1967, in which case we probably weren’t that good then!

Alan Esdaile… I thought you were a Great band Chris and every gig was packed.

Andre Martin… What next – The Kit Kat Club and the world

Ken Copsey… Great picture.

Cliff Wootton… ‘m pretty sure that bass guitar is a Supersound bass made in Hastings. See Guy Mackenzie’s guitar collection site (https://www.theguitarcollection.org.uk/…/supersound…/) for more details. Company history here (https://www.supersound.org.uk) with details of their amps.

Guy Mackenzie… Thanks for your email Cliff… yes this is a Supersound bass and a rare picture of one too! Really interesting! Although I do have a picture of the one owned by Brian Davis of Dave Edmonds band, the Raiders in about 1963.