Disco 45 magazines supplied by Philip John

supplied by Philip John

Matt Thomas… Were these the ones that were made up on the Ivyhouse Lane Industrial Estate?

Alan Esdaile… no these are earlier probably when they had offices where Asda is now. Here’s one you might remember…

Andy Qunta… Thanks for the reminder! I’d forgotten about these!

Leigh Mitchell… Loved these!

Terry Scaife… had them all, plus NME, I should have kept them

Sue Strong… I collected most of them

John Scaife… Used To Collect These Myself (Sadly All Gone Now)

Mick O’Dowd… In the day there was a dirth of teen music books /papers. NME, Disc, Melody Maker, and many more then there was the teenybopper mags with the posters of stars of the moment. Fab 208, Disco 45, Pop Weekly, Beatles Weekly/Monthly(?) and many more that slip my memory but will return as soon as I push the post button. Is there such a wealth of choice of literature available to todays youngsters?

Colin Winn… Yeay! Loved them

Brian Winn… it was the only way I could get the right words

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