Combe Haven Caravan Park swimming pool 1973

Shared from Jeff Pitcher

Jeff Pitcher… Posted 50 years ago, July 1973. Combe Haven Caravan Park. ”Weather has been smashing so far, going to do a spot of shopping.”

Dave Weeks… We used to sneak in the pool at night ( when we were slim enough to squeeze through the turnstile).

Stuart Moir… Changed a lot since then .

Kevin Burchett… I was lifeguard on that pool for 1 season around that time but cant see myself in that picture

Leigh Mitchell… I worked in the bars at Coombe Haven during the summer seasons 1974, 1975 & 1976! Hard work but great workmates!

Patricia Burgess… My parent had 3 caravans there and I met my husband, one of the Talismen , when staying there in 1963. Where did they put the pool ?

Jo Turner… Worked one summer thee mid 70s

Peter Houghton… I worked there around that time in the Main Club House, worked in the morning then went home in the afternoon and started about 6pm till it closed around midnight and was brought home


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