back garden group in the 60’s with Robert Carey and friends

photo: © Robert Carey

Left to right. Bryan Crowhurst – Chris Dawes – Gary Kobylka( hidden behind Chris) – Eric ” GIG” Landamore – Bill Bullit. Middle with guitar – Robert ” Raz” Carey.

Robert Carey… Going through my old photos I’m constantly reminded of how good life for us local 16 – 18 year olds was back in the early 60s especially on a weekend. Most of us worked Saturday mornings and the afternoon was either football ( sometimes Aggies), a bit of clowning around in a mates back garden (photo), and in the evening a local church hall to see a local group( The Spirits come to mind) or of course a trip to the Witchdoctor in St Leonards or to Hastings Pier for that great music. It only seemed good times back then. It wasn’t all good of course but at a certain age it seemed to be. The photo was one of many I took – or set up as in this case . Involved a bit of a struggle to get back so you could be in the photo though.


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