Hop pickers in Kent/Sussex in the 50’s

supplied by Lloyd Johnson. Photographer: unknown

Lloyd Johnson… Good Old Hop picking days in the 50s

Stuart Moir… My wife’s family were regularly visitors to the hop fields

John Wilde… 1967 we had a great time

Jacqueline Marsh… Loved it it was the highlight of our holidays with our Aunty Mary, my dads sister.

Chris Meachen… I just about recall staying in one of those tin shacks.. The lady by the doorway could easily be my mum..

Mick Mepham… Tee I ay, tee I ay, tee I ee I ay

Dave Reece… used to go when I was a nipper. A tanner a bushell.

Tony Court-holmes… that was my mums idea of a summer holiday when i was a youngen

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