Deep Bayou Jazzband – Hastings Jazz Club 1958


photo John Powys collection. Supplied by Robin Butler

Jazz Pilgrims website says… A visit to Hastings Jazz Club , August Bank Holiday 1958.  Should have been the Terry Treagus Jazzmen but they had just broken up, and this was the reformed Deep Bayou Jazzband from Chatham, with Terry Treagus(tpt) & his clarinettist Tony Richards; drummer Bill Crowley from the Eureka Jazzband Humphrey Mayes on bass taking over from Vic Pitt and Frank and Charlie Webster on banjo and trombone, photo from the John Powys collection.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone remember where the Hastings Jazz Club was in 1958?

Kelvin Webster… Frank Webster is my father, passed away 1987 in Barnstaple, North Devon

Toffs Night Club, Queens Road Hastings – Halloween party 31st October 1978

Barry Upton… How lovely. We used to go there a lot. Loved the place. Thanks for posting it

Earl Grey… Very interesting.

Mick Knights… Much preferred the place when it was the Astral. I think Toffs started life trying to be a bit exclusive as I remember one of the questions on the application form was what make of car you drove!!

Leslie Crowther – Stars Fiesta Colwall Court Bexhill 27th July 1969

Alan Esdaile… They used to have these fund raising events with stars from television in Bexhill on a regular basis. Remember going to one where Albert Tatlock (Jack Howarth) Coronation Street, was sitting under a tree handing out maltesers to anyone who gave a donation.

Wendy Weaver… I was there. Must have been 1980 as it was the first entire year I lived in Hastings.

Nastassja Kaschevsky… I remember that!  I think The actress Gwen Watford did one as well.

Catherine Ireland… I was there, lovely afternoons also Brian Rix did some.

Keith Cowper… I saw Vera Lynn there and Chitty the car !

Jacqueline Marsh… I went to the same stage school as Gwen watford it was called the orchardcschool and was in a large white Victorian mansion at the top of Sedlescome road north. Just before the mini roundabout. The school has long been demolished but have many happy memories of learning to act and sing and even perform at White Rock Pavilion

Wendy Weaver… Gwen Watford was involved with The Stables Theatre. They have the Gwen Watford Gallery there.

Andre Martin… The Orchard School – Miss Catt’s establishment oh boy she was strict

Mark Sevia… I worked at Colwall Court in the 1970s. It was not easy to combine care of the children with fundraising and hosting the stars. Sadly Sheila Rawstorne chief executive died in 2018 just months after Peggy Cummins chair and movie star in 2017. They continued to fundraise until the end of their lives for the benefit of children with cerebral palsy. Extra ordinary commitment.

Jan Warren… This is a “long shot”??? but just wondering if anyone who worked at Colwall Court in the early 70s remembers Yvonne Jones? she was a good friend of mine, beautiful, hippy girl, long, blond(ish) hair, I know she worked at Colwall Court (maybe a girl called Lisa as well) – I’d love to know what happened to Yvonne?! – her parents had the radio/tv repair shop in Western Road, Bexhill and I believe Yvonne lived in Hastings a few years later …………. any info would be much appreciated, thanks

Margareta Reinecke… Hi Jan Warren… I worked at Colwall Court in Summer 1977. Were you working as an Ass. Houseparent? William Simpson was the Manager…. Helen, Jane, Ritsuko, Susan. Stars Fiesta with Leslie Crowther, Ronald Leigh-Hunt… I still have pics!

Jan Warren… Hi Margareta, 1977 would have been too late as I meant the early 70s, but thanks anyway!

Margareta Reinecke… This was all in summer 1977. With an autograph by Leslie Crowther.  I will be back this July.

all photos… Margareta Reinecke

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Woolworth In Hastings 1930

Supplied by Davey Johnson

Davey Johnson… Oh wow… Woolworths in Hastings, 1930! Maaaan I miss that store xx

Colin Bell… I really miss it at Christmas, you always went there for all those bits & pieces under one roof you couldn’t get elsewhere ☺ The one in Kings Road St Leonards was magical when i was a kid, yes, I’m that old i remember it well!

Jaffa Peckham… yes, it was a special treat each Christmas for us to be taken from Bexhill to see the Kings Road lights and to pop into Woolworths to get small presents for each other. One year I got my dad a cheap EP of Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller hits (which turned out to be covers by UK studio bands). He was still chuffed with it though!

Merv Kennard… I remember it well, was telling someone who moved to St leonards all about it recently

Joe Knight… I remember those days! Fantastic when birthdays or Christmas

Leigh Mitchell… I can’t make out where this Woolworths is – it’s not the one I remember

Angela Frances Gardner… Leigh, where Sports Direct is now at the bottom of Wellington Square on what used to be Castle street. It was next to Dimarcos (now McDonalds)

Leigh Mitchell… thanks, it is the one I went to but it looks very different in the photo!

Marilyn Spence… I remember the one in St Leonard’s also and loved it at Christmas with the street all lit up Was magical Lived in Warrior Square so not far away As a 16 year old used to get makeup and perfume there Remember using the back door at times Then I emigrated to Australia I’m nearly 77 now and we have Woolworths stores here in Oz

JS Bythesea… It had a little bit of everything, didn’t it? In the 1960s I used to buy a little blue bottle of perfume in the Romford Woollies for my mum’s birthday. It was called Soir De Paris and I think had a drawing of the Eiffel Tower on it. I can still remember the scent.

Tracy Birrell… I grew up with Woolies on Kings Road. Magical Christmas times as well.

Downliners Sect – The Witch Doctor 29th October 1966.


supplied by  Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Poster supplied by Colin Norton

Colin Norton… I played drums for the Downliners that night. it was a fun gig as I remember… The only rehearsal that I had was the sound check. No, I did not play on any of their records but I did rehearse with them in the spring of 1967 for a tour of Sweden which never happened. Keith Grant is a great bass player and I really enjoyed playing with him. Our friend, Baz Cooper, was the keyboard player for the Downliners for more than a year and played on the “I Can’t Get Away From You”/”Roses” (Pye) in 1967. The other members for the Hastings gig were Don Craine – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, Bob Taylor – Lead Guitar. Great memories!

Mick O’Dowd… Had their EP “The Sect Sing Sick Songs” and there was a “sick” version of Leader of The Pack on it.

Colin Norton… Yes, “The Leader Of The Sect” :


Unabridged Telephone Directory – Regent Hotel Ad.


Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Josie Lawson… Regent Hotel, wasn’t that where the Reades lived, the Scalliwaggers

Kevin Burchett… his was before the Reades took over, Josie

Robert Searle… Great picture

Harry Randall… I’m So Glad, was one that always reminds me of them! Where are they now?

Lloyd Johnson… Dave Johnson ! Remember him well from Ore Youth Club!…he played with Kenny Comfort ,Melvyn & Lynn Grant for a while I think or it might have been The Redcoats …Dave had the newsagents in Westfield in later life I believe he died some time ago….

Pete Millington… Don’t remember Dave playing with The Redcoats Lloyd. Must have been Johnny Smith and the Chevs was really early. The first time I saw him he had his jean jacket draped over his floor to tom to deaden it. That was at the Market Hall.

Lloyd Johnson… Yes! You are right! I can remember him talking with Kenny and Melvyn a lot …Brian ‘Bonzo’ Redfern was Kenny and Melvyn’s drummer…I Loved The Market Hall it was so funny seeing Henry with his nose almost on the Chevs guitarist finger board saying things like “Oh! That’s how you do that” or “No! No! That’s not right” taking the piss and trying to put him off….all in a spirit of camaraderie. Is my memory right in thinking there would be The Talismen set up at one end of the hall and Johnny Smith and the Chevys at the other..I always think of it as a battle ground…’Battle of The Bands’ so to speak…Dave Bishop would get up with The Chevs and sing ‘it’s been nice’ a Marty Wilde ‘B’ side….really liked that song…silly teenage stuff trying to sound tough and grown up…

Pete Millington… Yes it was a feature of the MH to have 2 groups, one at each end, most groups had the pleasure of trying to outdo each other. We (The Confederates) had that pleasure.

Lloyd Johnson… I really liked the friendship and the good humoured pissing taking between the bands…didn’t Johnny Smith keep a milk bottle behind the amp for some reason.. Colin ‘Sid’ Tapp lived in my road…I made a guitar when I was a kid, tried to copy the Everly Brothers guitars, it was black with white binding.When it was built I painted it black and then varnished it…the vanished reacted with the paint and it ended up crackle finish…I sold it to Colin later .He told me it was his first guitar when we met up a year of so back….Barry Goodall and Pete Bailey and his twin brother were in my class at Priory road….

Dave Nattress… Great stories and some unbelievable band names in the last couple of weeks.  As I’ve remarked before, there’s me thinking weird band names only really started in the 70’s, “A Teardrop Explodes” – “Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark” – etc. etc. How wrong was I?  Where did the “Unabridged Telephone Directory” come from?

Colin Fox… they used to shorten their name to UTD, but it sounded like a sexual disease.

May 1968 Advert

Nigel Livermore… Good to see a photo of Dave Johnson: we were at West St.Leonards Primary School together, and then in the same year at HGS. Memories of New Year’s Eve pub crawl with him and Chris Jones (also ex-HGS, later on Obituaries at the BBC). A great character, skilled at writing crude verse, e.g. ‘Ode to a Bog’ which began ‘O to sit on a latrine………’ Toured Germany as a drummer around the same time as The Beatles, living on Currywurst (he said). Also worked on The Ridge as a lathe turner.

Harry Randall… Used to love watching these at “The Regent” gave me huge inspiration!


SMART coffee meet report number 69


SMART coffee meet report number 69

Among the newbies this time were Kerry Watling, Trevor Webb, Jackie Hersee, Tom O’Brien, Jacky Scales and Paul Mulry. Kerry was talking about when she ran the shop Vinyl Countdown in George Street, Trevor mentioned that One Hastings Many Voices have their next event at Lamarina White Rock Hastings next Sunday the 5th November and performers and others are most welcome. Jackie Hersee had a photo book of the group The Town Council and an autograph book with Graham Nash, Bobby Elliot (The Hollies), The Who, Dave Clark, Mark Wynter, The Searchers, The Merseybeats and many more. Tom was talking about his recent success with Fairytale Of New York at The Stables Theatre and he is working on a new play about Liam Clancy of The Clancy Brothers. Jacky Scales was talking aboutThe Rolling Stones and had a copy of ‘Their Satanic Majesties Request’  album with the special lenticular 3D cover. Paul was talking about his love of radio and had a copy of ‘The Radio Nordsee International Story’ double LP with him. Mo Elms had some rare Capital Radio posters in mint condition featuring Kenny Everett, Roger Scott and All The Hits and More 194. Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland had a signed Acker Bilk programme from Hastings Pier in 1962 and a Bill Haley & The Comets first tour of the UK in 1957 programme. As always he had some interesting photos of Hastings Secondary Schools For Girls, Ore Village in 1962 with Les Levett ironmongers shop. Also a photo of ‘Nan’ hop picking at Eyelids Hop farm and a large photo of Ore Centre youth club from 1962. Peter Ellingworth had with him a book on Hastings Tramway Centenary 1905-2005, Hastings Trollybuses book  and a very interesting book on Hastings & St Leonards In The Front Line about the second world war bombing. Chris Stovold had a pile of 7” singles, with a number of them very collectable. Ian Marketis brought along his complete collection of Queen CD singles which have reproduced the original 7” singles. Pete Houghton had with him, some autographed posters from The Cobweb and autographed albums from Wild Turkey and The Groundhogs. This is just a small bit of what I remember. If you had anything interesting you were talking about or anything I missed out or got wrong! then please feel free to add or correct.


Monica Bane… Enjoyed this afternoon Alan so did my sister in-law

Claire Lonsdale… Thank you Alan , for once again, organising a lovely meeting. Great to see the guys and meet new ones, had some lovely conversations. Xx

Mick O’Dowd… Had a great time Alan. So many interesting people to talk to. Kept you very busy with all the items that were bought along. Well done!  I had that book H& St.Leonards on the front line but I lent it to someone doing research on the subject and never saw it again!

Cris & Merv Kennard… We’re back from our hols, so hopefully we will get to the next meeting.

Tony Qunta… Use to love that album!

Andy Qunta… me too, especially 2000 Light Years From Home!

Peter Ellingworth… Once again many thanks for an excellent meet up, most enjoyable