The Good The Bad and The Ugly Film – Classic Gaiety Hastings – 6th October 1968

Who remembers going to see The good the bad and the ugly?

Nick Prince… The Curzon Cinema (now Kino-teatr) in St Leonards holds the record for the longest run of any film of any of the eighty film venues to have operated in the borough with the Sound of Music.. a total of 124 weeks, these include two runs of 26 weeks and alternative weeks for a further year. five times the ppulation of the town saw the film here.

Judith Monk… I certainly did and Dr Zhivago…lovely cinema.

Andy Davies… God, as a seven year old I was taken to the Sound of Music at the Curzon, I hated it then and to be honest still kind of do……..

Wendy Weaver… Graham says he was too young to see it 😆😆😆. I’ve seen it several times though

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