The Gotthard Line Swiss model railway – Hastings Pier 1974

Nadia Compagnone… This was designed and built by my father in law, Aldo Compagnone assisted by Roger Clear and another. Thanks for sharing.

Silvia Taurelli… How clever! I didn’t know. What couldn’t he do?

Adriana Maggs… Wonderful to know. That’s amazing. Sure I have been over. Just lost my mothers sister in law . A lovely aunt who married mothers brother, who built the pylons in the Dolomites. Our great uncle had a thousand men. It’s amazing to look at our Italian family. They worked so hard. Xx

Cliff Richard outside the De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill in 1960

photo © Martin Ballard. Bexhill Old Photos and History

Pete Fisher… Could be 9th October 1960. According to listings he also played the Bexhill Regal on 30 October 1960. This may have been the programme for the De La Warr, coincidentally printed in Hastings……/bradf…/albums/72157663388489930

Lynn Williams… I saw Cliff at the De La Warr in the 60s

Marilyn Spence… Whoo Whoo I went to that concert with my 13th year old sister and 14 year old school friend I was 14. My first ever pop idol also my first ever concert. His single A Voice in the wilderness the first 45rpm I ever bought of many. My sister and i saw him again in Melbourne at a concert after emigrating to Australia a few years later

Lyn Humphrey… I never knew Cliff came to Bexhill. Mind you, I didn’t arrive in Bexhill myself until 1964.

Carol Tree… I saw him at ABC Hastings twice in the 60’s plus many times since

ABC Acoustic Blues Club – Texas Blues – Jenny Lind Monday 9th October 2023

Mick Knight… This month we are focusing on Texas blues. Featuring music from Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Willie Johnson, Leadbelly, Lightnin’ Hopkins and Mance Lipscomb. Thanks to everyone for your support. Having an interest in Blues and Ragtime music and for arriving early for the best seats….

Will Cornell… (he lives in Texas) Dang! I thought this was a new joint around HERE! Alright we’re going to retaliate with a Brit Invasion night somewhere here that night.

Neil Cartwright… Ha! Andy Bannister!! Where has he been hiding? Nice to see your name again.