Man and Deke Leonards Iceberg Hastings Pier 24th October 1973




supplied by Mick Mepham

Sarah Harvey… I have a number of Man’s albums on vinyl although their album count goes into the 20s. I featured a Man track from ‘Back Into The future’ album the 2nd Pier show and Deke Leonard’s Iceberg will feature in the third Pier Show later this month. I really liked Man. Lots of good bands came out of Wales in the 70s.

Mick Mepham… Great stuff

Here’s a copy of the rare poster, handled out at the gig on Hastings Pier.

img373 img374

man man2

poster supplied by Chris Sambrook

Geoff Peckham….Is it just me but whenever we (Factory) played at a Miner’s Social or Rugby Club in South Wales – and we played a fair few – didn’t someone always come up and say “Have you heard of a group called Man?” You’d say yes and he’d tell you he used to roadie for them.

Pete Fisher….missed them at the Pier, but saw them at the Roundhouse in London in 75 – brilliant!

Geoff Peckham….Yep. I seem to remember after one long engrossing piece one of the band strolled to the mic and announced: “We may not be the best band in the world, but we sure smoke the most dope!”

Kevin Sherwood… A great night still a big fan.Deke Leonard is a surburb author, Maybe I should have stayedin bed? and Rhinos, whinos & lunatics are wonderful tales if life on the road in Man and Iceberg.

Phil Thornton… I was there !

Glenn Piper… I worked this gig

Jim Breeds… Damn, I wish I’d seen them!

Jan Warren… 2ozs of plastic with a hole in the middle!! – Brilliant album by Man!! 🙂

Phil Gill… I was there.


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