Auto Equipe, Friday Ad, Singer Sewing Centre Queens Road Hastings 1980’s

Supplied by Leigh Kennedy Historical Hastings facebook page

Leigh Kennedy… Some more photos of the Town Centre in the early 1980s ( circa 1984 )

Malcolm McDonald… I remember

Nadia Compagnone… The days when Queens Road was a great shopping centre and community.

Matt Thomas… I remember Saturday mornings at the butchers being very busy. Working in Masons and popping along to the bakery for cakes or sausage rolls.

Richard Fowler… I worked in the cheap food shop next to the Indian takeaway and the road leading to Fountains Fruit warehouse on Queens in 1982 when I was at school.. £1 an hour… opposite there was a great cafe ran by a Mediterranean chap, right next to the Indian restaurant. One day the tinned dog food, which must of been years old and were misshapen with gas exploded… depositing meat and maggots everywhere.

Peter Ellingworth… Mid picture, left side. Cheshires, sold off cuts of wood – my father a carpenter and joiner, knew the proprietor.

Alan Esdaile… I remember my dad used to know the owner and often he would let my dad have bits of off cuts for next to nothing or free.

Mark Bilsby… I worked in Cheshire’s timber merchants from 76 to 1982

Tony Court-holmes… all Queens Road is now, is empty shops loved it when i was a kid

Ralph Town… I have a story about the cafe next door that no one will want to read whilst eating!

Alan Esdaile… rats, mice, maggots???

Ralph Town… No…a cat that had the squits!

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