Plane at St Leonards Motors Bexhill Road St Leonards-on-Sea 1974

Shared from Roy Smith

Roy Smith… Who remembers this outside St Leonard’s Motors, Bexhill Rd. Put there 1974 the same year the 131 Mirafiori was released.and the plane for those who don’t know is a Gloster Meteor T7

Merv Kennard… Remember it well. They also had one of the engines on display in reception.

Anne Murray… Yes I remember it. Always looked out for it when going past on the bus!

Romaine Fulton-hart… Like it was yesterday

Stuart Moir… That aircraft was actually flown by the owner of St Leonards motors whilst he was serving as a pilot in the Royal air force, and I was suitably informed, when I worked for a parts supplier by the man himself, that there was still 40 hours left on the air worthy licence and he also had the engines so the plane was complete, I don’t know if it’s correct info’ but I was told that when it was taken down from the site adjacent to Tescos supermarket it was given to the Hastings air cadets to restore, it would be great to see it fly again.

Merv Kennard… I seem to remember that it went to Duxford to be restored

Stuart Moir… It would be nice to see it flying again.

Toker Tokin… Yeah remember it

Wendy Weaver… What a pity that that all changed in this part of town. So many people remembered the town because of that plane and the Fiat showroom. Nothing notable about the site now. What a let down.

Tony Collins… I remember it well, I have this to look at now most days

Edward Adams… I remember those days!

Bennet Kingston… I remember this. Used to bring back memories for my late Dad as he used to be an aircraftsman on Meteors when he did his national service in the 1950s.

Sue Jones… Remember it well, I had a shop opposite at the time and was quite a talking point with my customers,happy days!

Carol Anne… They moved it when they moved site near Tesco, is it stil there. X

Peter Fairless… No, long since gone. Think it’s being restored somewhere down in the west country.

Tim Moose Bruce… One night, a couple of lads had to be rescued by the fire brigade after climbing ip the pedestal and into the cockpit when it was at the other site near the big Tesco.


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