Tiah-Teek – The Art of Imperfection

Dave Mason… A couple of years ago someone was asking after a band called Tiah-Teek who were a Hastings based band in the early 80s and played venues including The Crypt and the Pier.   The band have kept in touch over the years but only Garry King (drums) went on to make a career out of music.  However, it did motivate us to dust off some of our old demo tapes, clean them up and make them available to anyone who was interested.  To celebrate 40 years of our first venture into the recording studio, we re-recorded Sinking Sand earlier this year.  All of the tracks can be found on the album,  The Art of Imperfection, available on all the usual streaming platforms or via https://tiah-teek.hearnow.com/  .   Unfortunately there’s unlikely to be any comeback anytime soon but it was a fun project to memorialise it so thank you to whomever asked the question two years ago,  Hope it is of interest to anyone with memories of that era. The above photo is of the band performing in February 1984 at the White Rock.
Steve Mann… Had the tape, they did years ago which got stolen from my car. Great to have these to hear again now.


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