The Town Council beat group photos

all photos ©  Jackie Hersee

Alan Esdaile… not sure about the fourth photo, looks like just a duo?

Chris Baker… The card is my Mum and Dad’s pre STD phone number! My Dad’s parents had it put in at their house at 118 High St. and there was a big bacolite switch on the wall where we could either phone the extension at 118 or make external calls. “All very Heath Robinson” as my Mum used to say!

David Boss… On the beach rave card, I can remember getting on that bus

Alan Esdaile… I could have been on it as well! I remember a few coach trips, organised to support The Town Council. Ninfield Village Hall, Drill Hall Bexhill come to mind.

Monica Bane… Great pictures!! Thanks Alan

Alan Esdaile… Monica and thanks to Jackie.

Chris Baker… Bear taking over singing for a change!

Jaffa Peckham… I saw the The Town Council at least once; at the Drill Hall in Bexhill. I’m not sure how it came about, but I had an ‘audition’ as rhythm guitarist with them. This was around ’68 in someone’s kitchen. It was just with the drummer (Bear?) and bassist Bob Shipway. I believe the songs were ‘Fire Brigade’ by the Move and ‘Got to get you into my Life’ (perhaps to test my knowledge of diminished chords). I was no older than 16, and explained I really played bass. Bob let me try his bass, telling me to take care as it was a ‘classic’ bass’! I didn’t join them, so I probably failed the audition or we decided logistics were against us as I didn’t drive and lived in Bexhill. I don’t remember.

Chris Baker… Wow! That’s something I didn’t know Jaffa! Just imagine, we could have been in the same band! (Unless Bob and Brian were planning to replace me?). Fun times! Photo 4, who’s that will Steve Hersee I must be getting old, I don’t remember this at all! What we used to call Pebsham Tip?

Monica Bane… I have brother Steve Hersee record Sweet &Neat on the Decca Label!

Tony Court-holmes… who remembers Hartnells along White Rock?


The Town Council Sweet and Neat 7″ Single

supplied by Monica Bane

Jackie Hersee… Oh dear. My ex husband wrote this. Remember those days so well

Monica Bane… Lots of people remember the Town Council Jackie X

Tony Court-holmes… i do

Carol Arnold… So do i

Alan Esdaile… so do i

Mike Waghorne… Look at that futurama guitar from mid 60’s