Les Levett Ironmongers 460 Old London Road Ore Village. 1962

photo © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland… Does anyone remember Les Levett Ironmongers?

Merv Kennard… Yes I do next-door to Christ church

Bookham Ally…

Peter Houghton… Thank you for sharing this

Jacky Mattelaer… I worked there as a Saturday girl in 1973/4

Judy Atkinson… Remember it well. My dad ran Ricketts & Fullbrook, the haberdashery where Catch 22 is now

Carol Acott… Judy, I went to the High School with Christine Fulbrook…

Chris Kennard… Carol, so did I. Same class as well I was Christine Russell

Fred Marsh… Judy, loved Fulbrooks, mum used to buy our school uniform material there, while we did the Harry Worth bit on the corner of the windows

Barry Potter… Remember getting paraffin on the pump outside!

Janet Brophy… Remember it well

Gary Benton… Used to be some great little shops in Ore Village, now there’s nothing much more than fast food take aways.

Dawn Leaney… Oh yes l remember it well, my Mum often took me in as a kid. I think she always came out with what she went in for.He sold lots of variety . In the days when you could buy individual nails etc!

John Gillett… I remember the smell of the shop

Heidi Millett… My mum used to clean their house it was a bungalow off Harold Road ..we used to spend a lot of time there chatting ..

Lloyd Johnson… I remember ’Les Levett’s’ in the Village. It’s Pete Trickett in the shades…

Ray Barry… Yes remember it well, Ore used to full of shops, a proper village. There was a corn merchant that I used to hold my breath as I walked past, as I didn’t like the smell cannot remember its name.

Jennifer Hemming… Great shop in fact ore village had some amazing shops unlike now , full of takeaways

Mick O’Dowd… Sara Lee charity shop now

Ian Quinnell… Remember it very well. He sold Pink paraffin, and A Johnstone just along the road sold Esso Blue paraffin.

Gerald Skinner… Thank you for putting up this photograph of my Grandfather’s shop and the warm comments about it. Both he and the shop formed a large part of my childhood

Ju-ju Davies… Does anyone remember the big shop which sold animal feed?



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