Sandown School, Ore Village home of Ore Youth Club in the early 60s….

supplied by Lloyd Johnson

Lloyd Johnson… A few bands were formed here early on!….

Colin Tapp… The Redcoats started at Ore Youth Club

Paul Phillips… Yes Steve Kinch and John McCallion both played in the band Conversation Piece

Stewart Rockett… Paul, You probably know this, but Steve is now a stalwart of Manfred Mann’s Earthband.

Alan Esdaile… I used to go up to Ore Centre and watch Conversation Piece practicing.

Allan Mitchell… I remember those days Started School Here 1967

Paul Collins… Went to my pre school play group there before I started at Red Lake.

Mick O’Dowd… Went here for a year before returning to School Road. Everybody was exiled here for 1 year it seemed! The prefab (still there) was the arts and crafts department complete with potter’s wheel!

Paul Phillips… Mick, it was years 2 and 3 1 and 4 was School Rd

Ian Quinnell… Paul, yep, 2nd year in main building (Mrs/Miss Atkins??) 3rd in pre-fab with Miss Biker (recently passed away, RIP)

Heather Sidery… How I loved teaching there

Graham Mccallion… I remember those days

Fred Marsh… Started school in the small building next door, we went in there for dinner. I couldn’t believe it when I went in there last year and it still smelt the same.

Miriam Moffat-Bailey… I went to school there Happy days and my husband Derek went to Ore Club

Iain Cobby… ….and I played bass guitar in the Conversation Piece

Paul Phillips… And Richard Piper on drums

Lloyd Johnson… Fred, do you mean the two prefabs Fred?…one of those were my class room in the 50s…..I think there might have been a lot of asbestos in those ‘huts’ as they were called in the 50s….

Fred Marsh… Lloyd, yes what is now the men’s shed

Terry Hopper… I was in the hut 1958 second year Mr Levey was the teacher I remember it being very cold in the winter months

Mick O’Dowd… Still got a pot that I made on the potters wheel in the Hut. Originally it was quite tall but somehow it got shortened! Also at Sandown Road I made a wooden stool out of apple boxes (I’ve still got that too) helped along by Nobby Norton!

Edward Adams… Went to both parts of Sandown. Then to Ore Youth Club.


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