Hastings Beach Whitsun 1964

Supplied by Dave Bastable

Dave Bastable… Behind the baths on the beach was always the meeting place through out the summer. There was Biddy the tub man in the sea and someone who walked along the beach selling ice creams. By the pier you could hire a twin hull float and paddle for an hour. Whitsun 1964 was particularly hot if I remember.

Alan Esdaile… Our favourite place on the beach was the alcoves under the prom, by the pier but if too busy, we would also go here by the White Rock baths.

Lloyd Johnson… Liz Hayter Shaw, that looks like you Liz bottom right with the blonde hair..I recognise the girl with you, can you remember her name?

Jon Hayter… id say that’s definitely Liz. Don’t know the other girl though. Good spot!!

Liz Hayter Shaw… wow , yes looks like me, but not sure who the girl is. Looks like Tim’s girlfriend / later wife Gloria

Pauline Richards… We used to walk along the prom to try and find a space!

Josie O’Rourke… Pauline, now we do the same but to find a bar ! X

Lloyd Johnson… That was my stretch in the early 60s when I was a deckchair attendant …

Chris Baker… Given that we lived near St. Clements Church a few hundred yards from the sea, I hardly ever went on the beach. Familiarity breeds contempt?

Jon Hayter… All quiet today

Dave Bastable… I am in it. Lying on my stomach with a striped costume on. in the middle of the photo. The girl with her tongue out I think was Tina. Dick Lingham in the bottom left corner. Others I am unsure

Lloyd Johnson… Dave, Tina rings a lot of bells…..

Colin Bell… Our favourite spot was by the Sun Lounge (as it was then) but you had to be careful in the sea there, it shelved steeply into deep water and the current was often strong

Katy Howard was Parsons… And no one is glued to a mobile phone! How lovely x

Graham Sherrington… The’er Lovely The’er nice Plain or Choc!!! The old matey selling ice creams.

Alan Esdaile… I can still hear his voice in my head, Graham!


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