Milletts and Duncan Fosters Hastings

Supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Leigh Kennedy… Looking towards the passage leading to the seafront between Milletts and Duncan Foster. Bikers far left.

Julian Deeprose… Bikers through the arch as well as the Carlisle is there

John Mcewen… Used to ride through there as a short cut to the Carly.

Lloyd Johnson… I remember ‘Bikers’ when they were in George Street and sold Keil Kraft balsa plane kits which they displayed in their side window.

Ian Johnson… Yep I remember that

Neil William Michael McGuigan… Bumped into Paul McCartney in Milletts in the late 70s he was buying a lumberjack shirt

Stephen Moran… I bought my first pair of Levi’s there in 1969. I’m fairly sure they cost £3 2s 6p

Pete Brazier…What year was this pic taken please? (And what year did they change it?) I got vague memories of it like this but I know I was only young

Barry French… Duncan & Fosters served up some tasty pasties (Their sausage rolls were pretty good too)

Graham Sherrington… yes loved going into Duncans

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