Jam booked but didn’t appear?? Hastings Pier 10th December 1977

Not sure if this is The Jam or were booked to appear and didn’t. Any ideas (Pete Fairless)?. They did play the pier on the 23rd April 1977 replacing Johnny Thunders.

Peter Fairless… While it would have fit their tour itinery – Canterbury, 9th and Croydon 11th, they didn’t play this gig. Shame!

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Pete, they must have been booked though.

Peter Fairless… Yes. The Jam website says Paul was at home in Woking doing an interview on that Saturday.

Mark Hardwick… Ha.I remember it was blowing gales that night, I walked down to the pier to see Johnny Thunders (who didn’t turn up) When I got there Jam/The Jam were playing instead. Unfortunately I turned around and went home again. So never saw the band.

Tony Court-holmes… missed it

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