Foster Brothers Robertson Street Hastings 1968

Photo: Ian Shiner

Richard Porter… Any pictures of Coopers Greengrocers?

Martin Richter… lol 🙂 a friend (a WWII re-enactor) was in the pizza place over the road when a young lad tried to kick Fosters window in. my friend went to his car, got his (blank-firing) Colt 1911, called the cops and went over the road. after firing a few blanks at the kid – who had wet themself and was sobbing – he went home

Pauline Richards… Martin, was that when Joe Divito had the pizza place!

David Edwards… I thought Foster Brothers was on the seafront opposite the baths?

Chris Baker… I worked in Fishers for a year or two and it caught fire, one night, while I was playing with The Town Council, (a band). Someone came up and told me the shop was on fire and we had to move anything salvageable down the road to this old shop which you can see on the right hand side of this pic! Memories eh?

Pauline Richards… Had my ears pierced at Dobells in 1970 !

More dj’s that appeared at Lazybones Hastings. in the 70’s

all supplied by Linda Boiling

Linda Boiling… first photo is Peter Boiling (Peter Craig) he was sometimes known as but he was Demon Disco who he ran with Nick (Sbyke) Biker. The second photo is of Mick Oxbury (in the pink shirt) can’t remember his stage name and ? and was taken at Derritron which used to be on the site before Sainsburys was built.

Julian Deeprose… Pretty sure the other guy in the pic is John Austin. Used to play Bar Billiards with him in The Bulverhythe

Linda Boiling… just found out from Micks partner in crime Jim Hobbs (James Casner) that Micks stage name was Mick Damon.

Claire Triance… Remember Lazybones used to have a go go dancer 76 77 was underage but we got in ok

Jane Hartley… Mick and I were always asked if we were brother and sister, in the end we used to say we were!

Kevin Burchett… Mick Damon had a spell in Scalliwags to

Linda Boiling… Peter also did a few gigs at Scalliwags too



A Wishbone Christmas cassette 1988 with Keith Emerson

Supplied by Pete Prescott

Tony May… And yet ANOTHER local compilation I knew nothing about!

Kev Towner… News to me – a Wishbone Bash?

Pete Prescott… It was the brainchild of Neil Cartwright. Had fun doing my bits. I still have this and the first one (Hollycopter Christmas)

Neil Cartwright… A true Prescott special:

Alan Esdaile… A GREAT track.

Kev Towner… Definitely gotta get this in my collection of Hastings music.

Neil Cartwright… Kev, I’ll post a few tracks on Soundcloud, then you can download as many as you like. It was a student-based project (Special Needs Dept) where students either performed, wrote, or did a workshop with a local performer. Pete came into college and he worked on a couple of tracks with the students – this being one of them. He then recorded this live with Jez Gillett (4-track Tascam).

Carlo Friggeri… What about K.Emerson’s involvement?

Neil Cartwright… Keith Emerson’s involvement? OK. Keith booked us to play at his son, Aaron’s 18th birthday party. This was back in October. It was a fantastic night. Keith brought across his then current band, ‘3’, and we all played together. Pete and I stayed behind afterwards for an hour or so – singing, dancing, playing, generally fooling around (Pete can give details), and I told him about the project we were doing, and asked if he’d like to be involved. He said ‘yes’ enthusiastically and invited us over to his studio. He said that he was also working on a Christmas album, and that his favourite carol was ‘It Came Upon the Midnight Clear’. Mine was ‘In The Bleak Midwinter’.  Anyway, when I phoned him a week or so later, it was clear that he was talking about Music Therapy, and as valuable as it would have been, it wasn’t really appropriate for the kids that I had, so we declined the offer. He did, however, send us a card with his best wishes. When the project was completed, we were lucky enough to secure an interview on Southern Sound FM (or was it Radio Sussex??), so we drove over to Brighton. We listened to the radio going across, and a total coincidence – Keith was being interviewed about his Christmas album in the slot before us. Of course, Keith’s name meant nothing to the students, but imagine the feeling in the car, when after Keith’s interview, they played our version of ‘The Coventry Carol’, saying that we would soon be joining them in the studio too. It doesn’t quite end there, because as we were walking down from the car-park to the studio, Keith was just coming away. He (surprisingly) recognised me; he stopped and spoke with us, asking the students if they’d enjoyed the project. Then he and wished us the best of luck and went on his way. And basically, that was it. No, he didn’t play on the cassette, but Jez did a great homage to his style in out version of ‘In The Bleak Miwinter’. (Anna Madge from The Mobiles did the vocal.)

Carlo Friggeri… Thanks, Neil, great story


Wards of Hastings – Christmas Is Coming…

John Gale… Ooooh that lift, loved that

Fred Marsh… Their jacket potatoes were the best

Mike Waghorne… My uncle Jack Morris worked there in the 60’/70’s

Pauline Smith… Mike, my Mum worked there too for a while during the 60s.

Wendy Weaver… Loved their little restaurant overlooking the arcade.

Teresa Goacher… Thats where I used too get my school uniform from…

Dawn Campbell… Oh wow – Yes, remember getting fitted out for my school uniform there every year and then after leaving school would go to the restaurant, where I discovered the best jacket potatoes – great memories!