Tonight plus Andy Arthurs & The R.A.C. plus The Hollywood Killers – Hastings Pier 16th Dec 1978



supplied by Mick Mepham & Mick O’Dowd

Mike Mitchell… Wasn’t that a Simon Fuller promotion? Mr Fuller’s first step into the big time I believe.

Pete Fairless… Well, not his first but an early one…

Mick O’Dowd….This is the gig that I helped out Simon Fuller with. He asked me to go 50/50 on promoting this but when he told me who the band was I said no. Ok, says he, it’s ok my Dad has paid for the band can you just help on the advertising/promotion etc. I said OK. The concert drew just 250 punters. Lucky escape that time but it didn’t stop young Simon though!  He lost money. Probably the only time he did after that.

Alan Esdaile… He now manages The Beckhams, Andy Murray, Elvis Presley Estate and probably many more.

Mick Mepham… Handy little roster! Always said he knew his onions after the first time I met him. We can’t forget that he also managed the Teenbeats too.

Mark Randall…In love with the majorette that used to lead the band!

Mike Mitchell… I think I still have one of those Tonight badges in a drawer upstairs


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