Do you remember when Quality Street tins were this big?

Martin Richter… a tin would last until easter !

Jim Breeds… But not the chocolates.

Peter Fairless… Drums!

Dennis Torrance… Somewhat smaller now like chocolate bars but quite expensive as well

Ernest Ballard…  Used to end up with hard gold wrapped toffees in the bottom nobody wanted

Dennis Torrance… I would have had them lol

Chris Baker… Send them to me! I love them!

Lloyd Johnson… Reminds me of 1950s/60s Christmas’s

Andy Pilkington… Good times! brother bit into one of the purple ones and hazelnut had not been shelled chipped a tooth, they sent him £10 and another tin of QS

Alan Esdaile… I prefer Celebrations now.

Pauline Richards… Yes not so many toffees

Roger Simmonds…  I still have one full of odds and sods now!! I loved the fudge ones!

Jacquie Hinves… My favourites are the green triangles!

Martin Richter… boycott nestle. Mackintosh’s, originally? it does what it says on the tin ?

Brian Scales… Proper size, not the half size you get today

Stuart Moir… And it was full to the brim fiddling bastards rip people off today

Judy Atkinson… And tin, not plastic

Fiona Evans… A proper tin !!

Jeremy Peter Harrison… Yes, better quality than today not owned by a multinational company. Today’s small tubs are way cheaper in real terms however. This tin may have been a present for the whole family!

Roland Clarke… And now!

Steve Fox… You know it’s full of buttons!

Els Wilcox… No and I’m old lol.

Linda McGregor… More importantly, it was proper chocolate and they all tasted different, today, the chocolate is cheap and cheerful and I can barely taste the difference between them all. Or maybe it’s just me

Dawn Campbell… I agree with all the above comments, so much better quality (get it) back then

Rick Baldwin… Now that’s what I call a sewing tin

David Edwards… And don’t get me going on how big Wagon Wheels used to be!

Roger Collier… Does it matter that the tubs are smaller? Nobody likes QS, and we only eat them because they need finishing off.

Elsie Wilcox… Love Quality street, especially the toffee ones.

Peter Houghton… The old Tins were Bigger and held more not like the Plastic ones which hold less now

Graham Sherrington… I bought a box here in Florida not the tin the tin was available but … all the chockies tasted the same there was not a Brazil nut in the middle of the purple wrapper….. well disappointed.


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