Who remembers The Fortune Of War pub Halton, Hastings? closed 1969

write up: John Hodges

Jim Breeds… Yep. I was too young to be a customer but it’s where I got on the 133 bus to go home to Ore after school at Priory Road.

Lloyd Johnson… On Priory Road….on my route home from school to Ore as well…

Alan Esdaile… Remember it well but likewise too young to be a customer. However, did get some free beer mats from the owner. When I walked passed it to go to the Round Table Youth Club it always appeared empty.

Chris Harman… My nan and grandad Kit and Brian were the landlords there until it closed. After that they when to the Queen Adelaide until they retired and my mum and dad Doreen and Bill took over from them.

Ann Graves… I used to go passed it, when I went on bus to Ore Secondary School, now known as Hastings Academy.

Chris Baker… Brian Williams, who lived at the end of Priory Road, next to the sweet factory with his Dad Harry and Mum Vera. Brian spent time at the FoW usually downing up to 13 pints!

Merv Kennard… remember it well, we lived in West View. Bus drivers and ticket collectors used the outside toilets.

Carol Paffett… Remember it well

Iain Cobby… Who’s bright idea was it to knock it down and replace it with a Speed Camera?

Colin Jefferys… Before my time ….. but does anybody remember the Pied Piper pub

Marilyn Spence… Interesting read regarding the pub, I was still at school but I bet my dad certainly remembered it

Cindy… I remember the Fortune of War pub , l lived in Lennox Street, I remember my dad going there to meet his fancy bit.

Mick O’Dowd… Straight out the pub onto the road. Not the best position for a pub!

Jenny Power… Nothing was ever rebuilt where it stood.

Chris Baker… Our drummer in The Town Council band, Brian (Bear) Williams, lived at the end of Priory Road, where it joins Mount Pleasant Road. He used to drink there

Steve Cooke… I was too young to drink there but remember it well. I used to go to a course run at Red Lake Girl’s School each Easter in the 60s. It was very snowy one year and I was on the 133 bus travelling home in the afternoon. As we came towards the Fortune of War the bus started to slide. I cannot recall if it was stopping at the pub bus stop or not but anyway, we only just managed to come to a halt before plummeting down the bank (Farley Bank). A wee bit worrying to say the least.


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