News Of The World fishing competition. Hastings Pier 1970’s

Peter Houghton… When the Pier looked like a Pier

Roger Simmonds… I used to fish off the landing stage, happy times! I remember the floats ! Ovely old pier then , what a mess now !

Nick Hunter… Who remembers the floats. Big wooden things.

Liz Bourn… Nick they were catamarans!!!!

Tony Spears… Remember this well,good days

Jennifer Sealy… That’s when it was a great pier full of fun for all ages.

Richard Lavender… I miss them days. Made a lot of good mates on there. Won that one year.

Dean Ransom… Richard Lavender and so did I much to the old man’s annoyance lol. I think that’s my Dad Ron Ransom sitting down and if you zoom in that’s me watching what he is doing probably tying a fishing trace

Trina Ransom… My dad won the cup a few times still holds the record for the heaviest bass caught off the pier

Paul Mabb…. I fished on the pier when I was about 15 yrs old great times I saw the Rolling Stones Freddie and the Dreamers the Hollies and the Searchers, good times back in the sixties and when the pier looked like a pier there was speed boat rides as well, better times to be had by all in those days.

Roy Beeley… Fond memories of the pier from the 60’s and after, saw all the previously mentioned groups plus Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, Screaming Lord Sutch etc. 1st date with my future wife Trish was to see the Who and been married 56 years now

Paul Cuddington… Great pier for all ages. I enjoyed as a teenager and beyond, and my children thereafter.

Kevin Blackman… Spent a lot of time fishing there . Great experience and good fishing

Michael Biggs… Won a few rods for heaviest fish of the week.great days on a fantastic pier

Simon Walsh… Can’t beat a pier gig with a storm pushing seawater up through the dance floor…Happy days!

Eric Phillips… Used to have a competition there on Christmas day morning. Freezing cold, most of the adults ended up in the bar whilst the kids were left to watch the rods, loads of prizes, if you caught a fish you were guaranteed a prize. You were given an entry number and the prizes that weren’t won were raffled off.

Peter Stocker… It was a good pier until a little shit set it on fire

Micky Erends… remember this well..great times


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