Capels Restaurant and Upstairs Niteclub Old Town Hastings – 1980’s advert

Reid McDuffie… I really liked that place

Sheila Maile… Went there as a nite club in 80s

Malcolm McDonald… That was a shame when it went, it was great

Elaine Stock… I went here a couple of times when on holiday, really liked it!

Coral Pasqua… Had some good nights in the night club .

Gary Benton… I was the chef here when it first opened. John Shrive and Colin Cotton owned it. The large steaks were the most popular. 1kg t-bone especially. I also worked at Valentinos in All Saints St and The Mitre which is now Porters.

Wendy Weaver… Great place. I went on Carnival night when the disco was on Winkle Island.

Tony Court-holmes… drank in there a lot loved it

Tony May… I did one night at ‘Upstairs’ filling in for Phil Hall. Had a close shave that night as a BIG hairy biker wanted me to play ‘Dire Straits’ Money For Nothing but I was having to use my records not Phil’s and I didn’t have it with me. The biker thought I was deliberately choosing not to play it …until I offered to strum it out and hum it for him on a guitar if he liked! (lol)

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