Hi-Fi Restaurant and Discotheque – High Street Hastings 1970’s

Alan Esdaile… I can smell Disque Bleu by just looking at the photo! Well I think that’s what I can smell?

Martyn Baker… Owned by Guy?

Peter Thomson… Is that a cheese?

Patricia Wapshott… I remember that place but can’t remember who ran it , think he was called Guy and his flat above was so cool , he had a sunken bed and a vast record collection , my friend Camille was seeing him and that’s how I got to see the flat . We sat and listened to David Bowie albums while he smoked a joint and I must have been about 15 then and didn’t even know what a joint was ! I just remember that it smelt disgusting and politely said no when he offered it to me that was also smelt incense sticks burning . The innocence of my youth !

Gin Genie… Guy still drinks in the Nelson on a Monday night playing shove

Will Hadfield… I think this is where people hung out in a disco downstairs owned by a bloke called guy or max

Pete Brazier… Didn’t it become the cheese emporium? Probably the Swiss blue what you thought you could smell lol

Chris Baker… Played downstairs a few times. Usually with our electrics swimming in the mix of beer and “toilet water” and getting shocks off the Mike’s and my guitar! Health & Safety? What’s that?

Jim Hobbs…. How about old beer and cigarettes.

Angela Frances Gardner… When Chico had the Jamaican restaurant on the ground floor selling ackee and salt fish

Martin Richter… disque bleu ? you crazy beatniks

Andy Qunta…  Fond memories of this place!

John McCallion… I remember it well Alan, .It’s where I auditioned with Steve D, Paul Dove and Paul Wiseman to form Muller

John Busbridge… Disco was downstairs, used to go there!

Jemma Yasmin… What a lovely building I never knew what was here it’s been a building site as long as I can remember …. do you know when and why it burnt down? With the downstairs of Fagins and this what an amazing place the old town would have been at this time?

Ralph Town… I loved it there.I first heard Bowies Station to Station lp there.I was very drunk as well lol.

Willie Wicking… Great memories used to sneak in there with older friends can remember the night it burnt down must have been 78-79. Must have been the biggest fire in Hastings

Chris Meachen… Used to be one of my regular hangouts back in the day.. Such a shame it went..

Sue James… Been upstairs in the penthouse as my friend was good friends with them

Geoff Peckham… In the early 70s I used to drink in the Anchor and the Nelson on weekend evenings when not playing, and ‘collect’ my girlfiend Sandra at last knockings in the Hi-Fi. The last song, I seem to remember, was always The Moody Blues’ “Go Now”.

Caz Simpson… It was owned by brothers Dave and Guy, twins I believe but certainly not identical. I understand that Dave is no longer with us but I have seen Guy on occasion. There was a lot of controversy about the fire and, allegedly, the insurance was never settled. Isn’t it about time someone filled the gap?

Phil Gill… Song memories – Sympathy for the Devil, Lady Marmalade, Young Americans and Faith Healer. Funniest memory – seeing the graffiti on the wall opposite which read “Stallion Sucks” in big red spray paint. Rumour has it that a certain singer from the band who I’m unable to tag here wrote it shortly before he joined the band as replacements for Tich Turner. It stayed there for about two years.

Alan Esdaile… Tracks I remember being played a lot were Suzy Q, Heya by JJ Light and remember Je T’aime!

Caz Simpson… And Sugar Sugar. Radar Love, Golden Earring? Or was that Bonita’s?

Lloyd Johnson… I think the Hi-Fi was originally owed by a Frenchman called Alain. I think Guy took it over from him , I might be wrong. I remember Guys friend who had one leg, was that his brother or a friend. They had a silver Vespa GS and use to visit from South London in the early 60s if I remember correctly and then moved to Hastings.

Sparrow Baker…  I was there very often drinking Barley Wine (up to 15 and once 20) in an evening. Procession of foreign students were very helpful

Tony Court-holmes… had my 21st birthday party in there

Graham How… Ditto, Tony!

Janette Morfey…  I remember Barley wine, hic!!!

Tony Court-holmes… i remember little i wonder why

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  1. Sparrow Baker. I was there very often drinking Barley Wine (up to 15 and once 20) in an evening. Procession of foreign students were very helpful 🙂


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