Bexhill Hop 1980’s photos Part 1.


Supplied by Pete Prescott

Andy Qunta… Great photos of the lovely lads!

Andy Caine… Great times!

Jacquie Hinves… Is that at the Crypt?

Terry Pack… Jacquie, The Continental in Bexhill

Jacquie Hinves… Terry as beautiful as ever.!

Kevin White… Hairy times weren’t they!!

Linzi Foot… What was the band called I live in Spain and think maybe 1 if the members live out here

Pete Prescott… Linzi, Harry R and the Jump Jets !

Alan Esdaile… Linzi, are you thinking of Colin Fox in Spain?

Linzi Foot… no I accidentally bumped into a lady who was from Hastings and her husband played in a band years ago it may of been Centre Page ? His name is Les Harding I think

Jacquie Hinves… Linzi, sadly Dave passed away some years ago and we also lost the great Ray Fenwick last year.

Terry Pack… Dave Beano Easton was indeed the singer in a band called Suspect. The rest of us were just, well, suspect, I suspect.

Alan Esdaile… Terry, Great singer.

Roger Carey… Great pictures!

Kieran O’Shaughnessy… I think they are the Suspects ?

David Boss… Kieran, agree

Pete Shaw… Kieran and David, Hi, I’m Pete, the drummer with this band named Harry R and the Jump Jets… BUT… Your are correct that the late Dave “Beano” Easton, Stuart Moir and I (at 15-17yrs old) was The Suspects drummer… This band, Harry R (forged from the Harrier Jet name plus our dancers The Jump Jets) was formed, with others, as the Party band formed from “Jim Jim and The Jims” comprised of Ray Fenwick, Pete Prescott, Andy and Tony Qunta, Dermot Murphy (again with varying others) during its lifetime!!! Why The Jim’s?? Taken from my, and others, middle names…. Phew!!!

Alan Esdaile… As Pete says, it’s Harry R and the Jump Jets ! but featured some of Suspect.

Terry Pack… Lovely shot of Ray and Andy.

Willie Wicking… A very young Pete Prescott

Robert Searle… Great photos

Joe Knight… Fantastic photos mate

Ken Wilson… Great entertainers


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