Who remembers seeing bands in The Cricketers?


supplied by Phil Little. Hastings Music Files

Chris Giles… What year would this be… Frequented lots 1979 -1980’s but no live groups then only a jukebox.

Roy Penfold… Is that the pub that used to be (may still be) on the other end of the block to Pissarros?

David Bartlett… thats the pub.! nowadays its all closed up. On the corner by the entrance to St Andrews market. They were a music venue for a year or two. The cricket ground was still there and we cut a piece of the turf and kept it on the bar just before they built the precinct . I,ve had some very good times at the Cricks RIP. Pizzaro’s used to be the Two Princes. I had some good times down there as well lol

Dave Nattress… I certainly do but God alone knows who – was a long time ago and undoubtedly the Brown liquid had flowed!!

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