Flexi Discs – What ones have you still got?

flexi discs

supplied by Chris Coleman via I Grew Up In The 70s

Chris Coleman… When Flexi Disks were free..

Clifford Rose… And some had some rare stuff on them like ELP’s Brain Salad Surgery and Alice Cooper’s Slick Black Limousine and who can forget Monty Python’s Tiny Black Round Thing!

Alan Esdaile… I got ELP & Alice Cooper and a few others, including a green Genesis The Lady Lies. The above flexi disc has this on the other side, Curved Air and Fanny. Also found The Alarm.



slade flexi

Alan Pepper… Noel Edmonds introducing Motown Chartbusters and Slade The Whole worlds going crazy and I did once have a Watneys Ale By Peter Cook and Dudley Moore !

Stuart Huggett… Here’s a few I had to hand: The Jam (Flexipop), OMD / Nash The Slash (Smash Hits), The Passage / Blancmange (Melody Maker), Haircut 100 (Flexipop), Monty Python’s Tiny Black Round Thing (NME)  ‘The Lumberjack Song’ on the other side too.

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Clifford Rose… Lemon curry?

Christos Tsanakas… I’ve got the great gimmick ELP flexi of Brain Salad… Marvelous, with gate-opening GIGER art!

White Rock Theatre Hastings – new operators 1st February 2024


White Rock Theatre… Today is the Day – we’ve got the keys to the door and we’re moving in! From today, The Guildhall Trust are the new operators of The White Rock Theatre. This is a hugely significant step in the development of The Guildhall Trust and marks months of hard work since the announcement that we were in talks with Hastings Borough Council to take over the running of the venue. We are excited to develop The White Rock into a vibrant, multi-faceted asset for the East Sussex region whilst diversifying The Guildhall Trust’s operation which will bring revenue and sustainability for the benefit of the communities we serve. Please bear with us as we transfer systems. Tickets will be going back on sale online throughout the day. Our in-person Box Office will reopen on Monday 5th of February. Thank you in advance for your patience! We will be in touch with existing ticket holders and members directly very soon.

Angela Mitchell… Exciting

Tony Davis… Congratulations and good luck from me and all at See Ya There Promotions

Lucy Pappas… Congratulations xx Please bring back payment by cash in the bars x

Reid McDuffie… Exciting times!

Joe Knight… Congratulations!!!

Peter Houghton… All the Best for the Future

Andy Hemsley… Went down to the launch today. Really nice community minded people.

Jacquie Hinves… Good luck with the venture. Please keep the prices down at the bar and refreshments. This is one of the main reasons that the White Rock sank.

Peter Stacey… Jacquie, I agree horrendous prices

Andy James Long… Congratulations and good luck!

JS Bythesea… Good luck with the business venture. I always have enjoyed the shows that I’ve been to. I hope that the advertising banners for past shows will be regularly taken down. They make the area look uncared for and forgotten.

Kev Towner… Will you be changing the booking system so that you can book wheelchair/carer seats online?


Johnny Mars Band – Chatsworth Hotel Hastings 2nd Feb 1982 and Terry Pack’s memories of touring.


supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Shaw… Peter “Shore”….Just because I live by the sea….!

Phil  Thornton….another great band !!

Yvonne Cleland….I seem to remember Johnny Mars playing a lot in Cherries too.

Pete Shaw….Great gigs at Mr Cherries…packed house, Chris Cozens on keys and sometimes trumpet, Ray Fenwick, Terry the Pack, Johnny and moi on drums…we enjoyed it and had a blast…usually it was during a “South Coast “weekend…Six Bells Chiddingly, Mr Cherries and back to Chiddingly Sunday……!!

Promotional video from 2012

Pete Prescott… I remember singing a song of his on the forcefield album called “fire in the city” he used a word in the song that doesnt exist (hellness) it still made sense.great player.nice guy.built like a brick s*@t house !

Terry Pack… Johnny has a talent for inventing new words! We recorded several different versions of Sonny Boy Williamson’s ‘Don’t Start Me Talking’ (album, TV, radio, etc) and he never sang the same thing twice in one of the verses. I once asked him what he was singing, and in typical Johnny Mars style, he said, ‘I don’t know. I listened to Sonny Boy a hundred times, and I still don’t know what the hell(ness) he was singing!”

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