The Cricketers pub South Terrace Hastings – photo


Matt Thomas… My mum and dads mates Pauline & Derek used to run here

Tony Snelling… Remember them well

Julian Deeprose… Tony, and Ricky of course

Shaun Hanson… Went in there a few times in the ‘80s

Stuart Huggett… I used to work at Bruno’s fish & chip shop next door. Was a good job!

Toker Tokin… Stuart, I used to live in the flats next door . I probably bought chips from you lol

Graham Sherrington… BRUNO’S best fish and chips in the new town and very handy for Priory Avenue

Martin Richter… happy days – is this when lawrence or deeday had it ?

Andy Hemsley… That was a proper boozer

Reid McDuffie… Had some excellent nights there back in the 80s

Graham Sherrington… spent a lot of Sundays in there with me Dad.

Claire Finn… Had some fun nights there….

Charlie Ball… Use to be in the pool team. They had a parrot as I remember

Mick O’Dowd… Had my first wedding reception here in 1970. Although I asked the police if they could provide a couple of bollards, they didn’t and I got a parking ticket! An omen? Chris Gentry & Colin Bell did the disco and when we left we travelled down and did a disco gig at Bognor Regis FC.

Toker Tokin… Wow the land lords owned the flat I used to rent there in Waldergrave Street

Barry Upton… Sad lose but if locals don’t support ??????????

Tony Court-holmes… remember it well

John Coleman… I remember fat Rick !

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