Apps clothing store Silverhill

shared from Chris Perrior

Chris Perrior… Apps stores opened 1878 and closed 111 years later in 1989, top of Clarence road, the Clarence public house is adjacent, The house that we originally bought in Paynton road once belonged to one of the Apps brothers, he was said to have grown his own tobacco and would hang the stems to dry around the house, local gossip tells me that one could smell him long before you saw him, another tale recounts that the family had the rights to sell pigeon food in Trafalgar sq, after many years the practice became a health hazard and that little business wound up also, They certainly were an enterprising family

Roger Simmonds… Wow I remember it well happy times !

Jacqueline Marsh… My headmaster at Christ Church School was a Mr Apps, wonder if he was from that family. He was a big strapping man and always had his spaniel with him.

Lynda Whatley…. Jacqueline, remember him well

Colin Bell… Was this the same family who had a shoe shop in Bohemia Road when i was a kid in the 50’s & 60’s? I remember getting shoes there for school etc.

Alan Esdaile… Colin, I’m sure there were a couple of shoe shops in Bohemia Road but can’t remember if one was called ‘Apps’

Fiona Evans… The good ol’ days.

Nigel Ford… there was a bicycle repair shop in Ore, Ken Apps,- any connection?


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