Willow Pattern – Germany 1968

Supplied by Gerry Fortsch

Gerry Fortsch… Just came across this from Germany 1968 and it looks like I had a clean shirt on at the time.

Colin Norton… You had the great MickeyB on guitar too! …. And a nice Black Bison bass


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Chris Baker… Where’s Johnny Kingdon ?

Gerry Fortsch… John was in Maidstone but sadly he died last year, he was a very talented guy that could have made it big with a little effort.

Chris Baker… He was a great personality. We did some gigs around Hastings and some country pubs etc. Loved him on stage, so smooth!

Gerry Fortsch… John could turn his hand to many things like drawing, writing, needle work as well as building work . I know he was heavily involved in a theatre in Maidstone.


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