Sparks & Pilot – Hastings Pier 23rd Nov 1974





ad supplied by Sarah Harvey. Group photo: Sparks in AVRO’s TopPop (Dutch television show) in 1974. Source: Beeld En Geluid Wiki – Gallerie: Toppop 1974


Chris Meachen….The older brother in Sparks was just SO weird…. (In real life too, not just an act..) All I can say of Sparks is the taller one was the weirdest & most unresponsive individual I ever encountered backstage on the pier.. He just stared, without speaking,with a look that suggested you were something he just stepped in… Even backstage he maintained the emotionless, slightly manic stare that I’d imagined was just his public persona.. very creepy guy…

Alan Esdaile….Yes agree agree agree, one of the weirdest guys I ever met. The other brother was fine and had a good chat but when his brother appeared I spoke to him and all I got for a reply was an icy stare and his head moving from side to side, the same as he appeared on Top Of The Pops. Well creepy!

Mick O’Dowd….Biggest egotists going. Bomb scare half way through Pilots act(they were actually higher in the charts that week than Sparks) wouldn’t come back to Pier. Had to keep audience amused until they did. Very scary! Pilot were brilliant that night. After the bomb scare cleared the Pier Pilot insisted on finishing their set when play resumed,It gave time to coax the dynamic duo back from their hotel where they had been since the bomb scare was first announced.

Bernard Jeffery….I went to this gig I thought sparks were very ordinary, the support band was Pilot I think, they had a hit with January and were the better band. Magic! that was the single January was later

Alan Esdaile….I think they just announced we are going to play our number one single Magic and Paul  rushed on stage grabbed the microphone and said no your not their has been a bomb scare.

Terry Pack…. I went to that one, too. I liked the guitarist with Pilot. Ian Bairnson (?). I thought Sparks very pretty ordinary, and I never liked that single.

Andy Caine….I was there!

Adrian Samuel… Kimono My House by Sparks………discovered!

Mark Randall… Perhaps time has matured them. Without name dropping, they were charm itself at Morrissey’s Meltdown on the South Bank

Mick O’Dowd…  The one without the tash tried to push me off the front of the stage after I had introduced them and was retreating behind the pa speakers.

Martin Waghorne…  Remember seeing ‘Sparks’ supported by ‘Pilot’.

Alan Esdaile… Mick O’Dowd or Andre. Can you remember what number the tickets started at gigs? I got it a feeling it started at 100 and not zero? Interesting enough just noticed the number on this ticket 1855 which would be over the limit!

Mick O’Dowd… Never been known!!!!

Robert Fairbrass… Sparks brilliant. (STILL GREAT) Pilot ( where are they now?)

Jim Breeds… Would love to have seen the new Franz Ferdinand/Sparks collaboration at glasto this year. Will have to content myself with iPlayer. The new CD gets rave reviews. They call themselves FFS. See what they did there?

Janine Anne Scott… Went to this one. Great night 😂.

John Wilde… Sparks were awful.

Deborah Wearn… I was also at this! Happy memories indeed!

Charlie Ball… Went to Sparks lol a pound to get in 

Diane Crookes… I was there!

Linda Christine Bourner… I saw them x

Glenn Piper… I agree Chris. I had to deliver messages etc to the dressing room and I’ve never forgotten the way they made my skin crawl. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why, but they came across as almost reptilian for some strange reason 

Jacquie Hinves… I went to this concert. Amazing evening.

Phil Gill… That pier was big enough for the both of them.

Nick Webb… Was there for Curved Air

Barry Arnold… Me too

Lynn Gale… Was there for both! Those were the days.

Julie Morris… I was there at the Sparks concert. Pilot were brilliant – in my opinion!

Debbie Wyatt… Sparks used to freak me out..

Dave Weeks…  I was there for both. Happy days

Chris Meachen… They were genuinely weird…

Glenn Piper… You are right there Chris, I had to take something to the dressing room and they reminded me of lizards for some reason? Not a pleasant pair to be around.

Bernard Goffredo… Remember the Sparks gig but was impressed with Pilot they were so tight

Keith Veness… Remember both gigs

Chris Stratton… Was at both gigs. Remember (?) the Sparks gig being delayed due to a bomb scare. Very short 45 minute set with no encore.

Alan Marshall…  I was there for both. Great gigs!

Stan Atkinson… Curved Air oh yes what a band, good times

Pete Houghton… I miss those days Both Sparks and Curved Air were brilliant Both Band’s signed my Album’s for me

Roy Stacey… Went to both and most Saturday gigs around that time

Dave Weeks… Roy, remember it well Roy. Can still smell hot dogs and patchouli 😊 happy days. There for both. ( and quite a few others) good times.


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  1. Biggest egotists going. Bomb scare half way through Pilots act(they were actually higher in the charts that week than Sparks) wouldn’t come back to Pier. Had to keep audience amused until they did. Very scary! Pilot were brilliant that night.


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