Who remembers Sainsbury’s in Wellington Place Hastings? (store photo is Peckham branch)

photo: Sainsbury Archive

Tony Court-holmes… early 50s? Nationwide is there now i wonder if the tiles are covered up behind the new walls

Jacky Mattelaer… I remember it like this in the 60’s, my Gran used to take me in there. I was fascinated by the way they rolled the butter on the marble counters. Great memories

Pauline Sims… Me too Jacky. I can just about remember the smell too when you walked in, mostly bacon – mouthwatering

Judy Atkinson… Not Wellington Place, that was later. This was the original shop in Castle Street where Nationwide is now. Remember going in there with my mum (early 60s) & buying bacon & butter. Beautiful mosaics & marble counters

Patrick Lewis… Remember it well from late 50’s into the60’s. Gala pie and patted butter.

Jackie Hersee… I remember it

Virginia Davis… I remember it from mid to late 60s like this

Gary Benton… I loved going to Sainsburys as a kid, the wonderful smell of cheese and smoked bacon as you walked in, the professional smart looking staff in their uniforms. Why did we ever loose amazing shops like this? I suppose its what they call progress, its very sad.

Claire Hamill… Oh wow! How could anyone get rid of something so glorious? Just think what the centre of Hastings would look like if we could have held on to those beautiful oldshops? And facades? Criminal decisions!

Bernard Goffredo… Definitely agree on that

Dave Boutwood… Yes, I (Wendy) worked there (Hastings branch) with my friend Kate. Must have been 1965-66. We worked Fri evening, after school for late night shopping and all day Sat. That photo brings back memories, we loved it there and had fun. Also, with our white overall, we had to wear a white headscarf (tied like Hilda Ogden’s), which was a bit embarrassing for us teenage girls!!! 😂😂😂 Great photo. Wendy xxx

Lesley Bowles… Dave, Wen, I remember all the lovely tiles and the great smell in there! Xx

Yvonne Cleland… Oh yes, exactly like my memories. My mum used to take me here when I was a toddler. How lovely to see it again!

Roy Marven formely Syrett… remember going with my nan to order her xmas turkey

Martin Richter… and not a self-serve checkout in sight

Peter Bridger… Oh yes, loved the tiles, and smell of raw meat, strangely!

Colin Bell… Blimey that takes me back, shopping for my mum

Jimbo Tipler… Im guessing that’s not the vegan and special diet counter on the right?

Chris Meachen… I loved that shop, if I recall correctly, they had a system of wires that went to the cashier’s office at the far end, and tickets showing what you’d bought would fly along them and be tallied up ready for you to pay. This meant that the serving staff didn’t have to handle money.

Angela Frances Gardner… I remember shopping there in the 70s, a lovely shop.

Judith Monk… I loved the smell as you walked in.

Mick O’Dowd… It had that certain smell like a lot of other shops.

Jim Breeds… Oh yes. Especially the cheese counter!

Peter Fairless… Ma worked at Sainsbury’s in Wellington Place before my younger sister was born. I was nearly three at the time. I have a very vague memory of the shop, I suspect from when she went back to visit.

Alan King… the Peckham one was still like that in the early to mid 80’s

Nigel Goodman… Yes I do ! Lovely shop with marble counters

Mark Reed… Would have made a fabulous bar.. all that stone and tile.

Michelle Coco Selmes… Yes I remember when it was in Lloyds bank in hastings

Diane Knight… I do ..I’m sure they used to sell loose biscuits…ooh did that sound a bit weird

Jeanette Jones… It did, Diane but I remember the loose biscuits too!

Richard Brimm… I remember it well

Nicola Dobson… Yes I remember going there a lot when small with mum

Margaret Trowell… Yes, all the staff wore hats, and the tiles were great

Jeanette Powell… Yes 💕 was only saying about it yesterday ; how I used to go with my nan when we lived in Castle Down Avenue

Susan Bisoffi… I remember the one in Vauxhall Bridge Road in London. Clearly remember going with my mum.

Peter Houghton… I remember the one in Devonshire road Bexhill it was always clean and tidy I believe it took up two shops one was for things like bacon cheese and cold meats and the other side it sold tin stuff and bread

Phyllis Mendenhall…I do, as I worked there, then went across the road to work in the Pam Dor and we used to get our cream cheese and tomatoes for the rolls and I can still remember the smell, it was lovely

Andy Davies… I do indeed, I used to love seeing them cut a piece of butter pat it into a block and expertly wrap it in grease proof paper.

Amanda Hilton… I remember going in there as a child amazing wall tiles. It’s the Nationwide building society now

Judie Struys… I certainly do. Although the photo makes it look much bigger than it was.

Despo Hawkins… Yes I remember it

John Sperni… Remember this store as a kid

Pauline Richards… Yes I found a ten shilling note on the floor( I am not saying when!) and it seemed ages before I could claim it. I bought a single at big Als with it and had change

Stella Huggett… I do too.

Mark Reed… coldest shop ever, always chilly even in summer

Colin Gibson… There was one very similar in Beckenham when I lived there

Sandra Thompsett… Yes I can remember it being like this in the early 70s Showing my age

Fred Marsh… yes, hanging of the brass rail as mum dragged me round

John Hinkley… I do, what a difference when it moved to Cambridge Road, such a different building. I wonder how long Sainsburys were in that building?

Andre Martin… My late Mother in Law – Mrs P was the cook for all the staff on the 2nd floor, nothing was wasted, food waste went back to HQ for the Pig Farm, Cardboard boxes etc recycled. They really knew how to run things. And I also understand that they had singles accommodation on the top floor.

Sid Saunders… I remember that the assistant never touched the money, a lady sat right up at the end and you paid her.

Monica Bane… Sid! I do remember that. What a good idea.

Carol Anne… Remember the one in Devonshire Road Bexhill, memories

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