Queens Arcade Hastings 1980’s

Pauline Richards… Wasn’t it great!

Angela Mitchell… lovely

Andrew Clifton… That’s how it should be, now.

Lucie Topher… CoastalCocoa

Deb Hoad… Was closed the other day when I went past

Janet Rennie… Such a shame it’s not like that now

Leigh Mitchell… I used to love walking through there

Janet Brophy… What a disappointment how it looks now

Clive White… The good old days

Peter Houghton… It’s disappointing to go there

Graham Sherrington… Ponts Grocer and the Wet Fish Shop AND and the brilliant Butchers shop and the Watch shop RIX? I always looked in there just in case I could afford one. No I just saw in was Wren’s

Gil Hendy-Davies… Graham, Rixes was on the corner between Wellington Square and Queens Road. Opposite the side of the cinema. Dad always bought mums jewellery in there

Graham Sherrington… Gil, Yes how could I forget we lived in Russell Street for a while.

Karen Mitchell… Was so busy then. I worked in Ponts from 77 to 81 on Saturdays and school holidays

Lee Twigge… Was Wrens the jewellers? Sure it was there used to get my watch straps from. Loved it in there but still remember smell of fish as you walked in.

Shona Goobie… What a mess now so sad but Hastings is a mess now no shops just cafes, vaps , charity shops

Wendy Weaver… We don’t realise what we have got until it’s gone

Jean Brett… It’s horrible now no fish counter or nothing now it’s quite miserable

Tony Court-holmes… and now look at it so sad like most of Hastings

Pauline Sims… I remember Queen’s Arcade from the ’50s & ’60s, a lovely walkthrough. Laurie(?) Wren and his wife (sadly I can’t remember her name) were friends of my parents. Happy days

Georgie Kilby… Beautiful

Mike Waghorne… Didn’t John Logie Baird have his workshop in there ?

Alan Esdaile… Yes Mike, there is a mention on the wall.

Claire Kelly-Triance… Sad state town bloody awful

Judith Monk… I loved to look in Wren’s!

Samantha Tricker… This is how I remember it

Nigel Ford… Cathy’s great Aunt Betty (RIP) used to work in this flower shop for many years.

John Greenhalgh… All of those shops making a living and giving employment. Coach loads of day trippers and parking up on the Stade. How to wreck and ruin a town center!

Billy Rummery… There was a good bakery in there also

Carol Anne… Used to love walking through there whenever I went to Hastings from Bexhill, back in the day, sad to see it now

Graham Sherrington… Has the arcade shut down???

Alan Esdaile… No, still open. Matt Thomas took a photo of it this week…

Graham Sherrington… cor blimey

Sam Wallis… Rents are all too high now


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