Public Bar Prices – 1971


source: Seventies Time-Machine

Kevin Sherwood… Started drinking on the pier 1973 ish no wonder i was so happy then!

Paul Crimin… Inflation? What inflation?

Dennis Torrance… Amazing prices lol

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I’ll have a double G&T please!

Nicola Dobson… What a difference

Andy Qunta… You’d think we’d have been drunk all the time at that price! What’s that you say? We were?

Geoff Peckham… Yep, Andy. Those were the days!

Alan King… well i was drunk most of the time -wish i could remember those days better

Barry Hilton… What was the price of a semi-detached house then roughly?

Alan King… ours was about £1,700 in Middlesbrough, an ex-showhouse, would have been £2,100 otherwise, think they’re still the same price these days in some parts of Middlesbrough though but..

Andy Maby… 5p a pint!! 😯 Time/life/progress!

David Edwards… I brought a bungalow for £4300 in ’71 paying £32 a month mortgage and earning £30 a week wages say 600 pints a week. Average wage now £600 a week, a pint say a fiver equals 120 pints, think me maths are right.

Barry Hilton… just goes to show, someone is making some major profit somewhere! Ah, that will probably be the duty on the Beer!

Alan King… Guinness was 14p a pint when I started drinking – 52p – 5p bus fare there, 5 p bus fare back – 3 pints of Guinness – 52p – a night out – if you wanted to get rat-arsed a bottle of Harveys Bristol Creme was 50p and you could drink that on the bus on the way in

Jane Hartley… Couple of pints of Guinness please!

Alan Parker… In those days you could buy a house for the same as a couple pints today

Graham Sherrington… This must be from ‘Up North Like’ Magnet Ale by John Smith’s use to drink that in Yorkshire in the Old 70’s

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