Cheshire’s 68-69 Queens Road Hastings 1981 – woodworkers supplies

photo ©  Steve Peak

Stuart Moir… Shopped there many times

Andrew Freeman… My Dad often popped in there to get things for whatever project he was on! I remember brown warehouse type coats.

Kay Lobb… Gosh a blast from the past there! I remember going in there with my dad, years ago.

John Gale… Anybody remember what the decorators shop was called in the 60s . It was next door to Cheshires, where St Michael’s Hospice charity shop is now. I think they had an upstairs too back then. Can remember being given old wallpaper catalogues to use as scrapbooks.

Pauline Richards… John, I remember Friday Ad being there and wasn’t it a pram shop. Donkeys years ago? Gambrills?

John Gale… Pauline, Yes definitely a pram shop before Friday Ad. It would explain why i have a vague memory, aged about 5 ar the time, being given a basic Lego toy present from there, maybe they sold a few toys then. So, maybe the decorating shop was near to it then. It’s all a bit blurry after 60 years.

Alan Esdaile… John and Pauline your both right, Number 65 was Collins wallpaper and paints and number 66/67 was Gambrills pram shop.

Tony Collins… John, I took over the diy shop in the early seventies and it was called Collins Homecentre. I cannot remember the previous name though.

Angela Gardner… I loved this shop so useful for odd bits of wood.

Pauline Richards… And foam cut to any size!

Lloyd Johnson… A much Loved woodwork shop…great bits and bobs in the window…I remember buying wooden wheels to make a model and dowelling to make a buntline special in the 50s when Wyatt Earp was on telly…

Roger Simmonds… Often popped in there !

Keith Blizard… Great little shop !

Alan Esdaile… My dad loved this shop and at times he would let my dad have offcuts for nothing.

Peter Ellingworth… Great shop. My father often used to call in.

Nigel Ford… used to get thick foam for machine seats cut to size there from a man out the back in a brown coat….. do I see Fork ‘ andles in the window too?

Graham Sherrington… and plugs…….13 amp.

Jenifer Hitchman… Anyone remember the book shop on Queens Rd. Was just down from the pub. In the middle and then used to be out of date shop on corner.

Alan Esdaile… Jenifer, remember the cheap out of date shop, buying crisps and biscuits in there. Usually fine but occasionally had to spit them out as they were soft!


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