Sidewinder – Rother Valley Inn Northiam 1989/90


Supplied by Dan Large

Dan Large….Thank you for posting this Alan, Sidewinder is the name of the band though not sure the name of the bass player and guitarist… Phil Flack is the drummer and thank you for letting me have a go on your drums.

Pete Prescott….Dan played with the lost boys around 90/91 he blew us away !

Alan Vale… Alan Vale on bass, Phil Foster on guitar and Phil Flack on drums but a young Dan Large playing the drums in the photo.

Chris Jolly… Ooh young Dan!

Alan Vale… I remember this , He jammed, ‘sharp dressed man’ whilst Phil Flack went to the bar to order drinks. Does Dan still play drums?

Dan Large… What great fun that was Alan, Yes still playing drums and great you are on Facebook too and still playing bass. Can’t believe it was nearly 30 years ago.

Alan Vale… Hi Dan , I am still playing but due to health issues I just write songs do recordings in my home studio. Phil Foster on guitar sadly passed away about a month ago…heart attack, had not seen him since about 1993. Phil Flack is now in NZ. Was a long time ago. We did some recording in 1990 and one of the tracks songs which I wrote structue Bass and vocals with Phil playing guitar and then doing vocals recorded at Elsewhere studios in Whitstable, will be on Hastings Rock Sunday between 19:00 and 21:00 called ‘SET YOUR SIGHTS’.

Geoff Joyce… Phil Foster was a Friend and a brilliant Musician. Sadly Phil passed away last month.

Jan Warren… Yeahhhhhhhhhh ……… little Dan’s the man, brilliant!!

Martin Richter… oooh – I booked Sidewinder at least once at The Crypt (I think?) – Dan Large jumped on the tubs when a band I was in played at the RVI and then Mike Ford walked in – that was a bit random

William Blomfeldt… I’m trying to find some contact info on Phil Flack. I’m an old mate of his, if any one got some information please send it to


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