Hole In The Wall pub Hill Street Old Town Hastings.

Ray Barry… Remember it well,a Merrydown cider and bottle Brown Ale 2/10d. Circa 1963/4

Patricia Burgess… Ray, OMG haven’t heard the name Merrydown for at least 45 years loved that cider. Is it still made.

Ray Barry… Patricia, No the brewery closed some few years ago and is now a housing estate in Horam

Tony Court-holmes… Ray, my mum june used to drink that in The Anchor back in the 60s

Paul Reed… Is that street still there today or did it disappear if thats st Clements church in photo.Did I hear that area suffered bomb damage as well.?

Lynda Whatley… yes that is St Clements Church and the area was suffered bomb damage – and the church suffered too . My mother and myself posed for the local artist – when the church window over the alter was commissioned .

Ray Barry… The street is still there but the pub has long gone and is now a house. A pub round the corner called The Swan got bombed during the Second World War.

Graham Mccallion… I remember those days

John Wilde… I lived in Hill street during the late 70s and it was long gone

Jacqueline Marsh… I went to school just behind this pub

Monica Bane… My Wedding breakfast there In 1960!

Tony Court-holmes… drank in that pub

Tony Collins… Whether true or not but I did hear that at one side of the top window of the Church is a cannonball fired from an enemy ship and the other one is made or stone to balance it up. If you look carefully one is rusted and the other is grey. Can anyone confirm this?

Roger Simmonds… Tony, Yes there is a cannon ball in the wall!

Roger Simmonds… I also used to drink in there in 1964!

Janet Mournard Russell… Used to go there often.

Mick Barrow… The Kicking Donkey kicked the hole in the wall, i think Ron French was the landlord

Don Cropper… A group of us bikers used to drink there and play snooker and billiards in the middle to late 60’s

Cris Kennard… I had my wedding reception in the Hole in the Wall Sept 1968 when I married my first husband (Roger Barnett who died in 1983) Don do you remember.

Tony Collins… Had my 21st birthday party there, I am 76 now!!!

Ray Barry… That is what I was told as well Tony but I’m not 100% sure.

Chris Baker… Lived just round the corner in Cobourg Place! Steve and Ian Hersee and Monica Bane were immediate neighbours

ABC Acoustic Blues Club – Greenwich Village Blues – Jenny Lind 11th March 2024

Mick Knight… This time ABC takes a look at a small part of the storied history of New York City’s Greenwich Village. During the 1960’s folk boom thousands of singers, musicians, writers, poets, activists and other outsiders passed through Greenwich Village. We will be glancing at Bob Dylan, Dave Van Ronk, Stephen Stills, The Clancy Brothers, Rev. Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt and more. Come on down to the club for this special evening of totally acoustic music

Monterey Pop & The Cream films – ABC Cinema 10th March 1971



cream farewell


part press cutting supplied by Nigel Ford

Andy Qunta… Never mind Monterey Pop & Cream, what about Percy!

Colin Norton… Yes, I agree with Andy! What about Percy? Great fun, Kinks soundtrack!

Natasha Kaschevsky… Was just watching Monterey last Sunday!

Phil Gill… A 15 year old Roger Carey and a 14 year old me were there at the 7:30 showing, eyes wide open and completely mesmerised. We knew even then what we wanted to do in life.

Jan Warren… Love Jimi, Love Cream too!!…  but do you really want my opinion on PERCY?? – haha

Chris Meachen… I was there, probably with Roger Sleet…

Ralph Town… Anyone under 40 won,t know what Percy was about lol.

Alan King… Little known fact : – Beverley Martyn played the Monterey Pop Festival and was (sadly) booed off (I think the same applied to Judy Sill as well – though memory fading a bit on this one)

Tony Court-holmes… remember seeing all of those

Forte’s Ice Cream Parlor, 31 White Rock, Hastings c1936


supplied by Bren Hall

Linda Gowans… I remember the juke box in the 1950s/60s. In my childhood Dad used to give me the money to play something, but I was careful not to pick anything that would stop him giving me any more! Later when I went with friends we could liven things up!

Ju-ju Davies… I believe my dad worked for these delivering ice cream to the pier restaurant on his pushbike

Kay Lobb… I worked there in the mid sixties. The jukebox was the main attraction of eight hour shifts.

Linda Gowans… Kay, You’ve probably served me a milkshake or two!

Colin Clarke-Hill… Brilliant memory. Did the ice cream parlour belong to the Rocco Forte family ?

Kay Lobb… It was run by Ralph Forte, if I remember correctly. Such a LONG time ago. I can remember The Beach Boys, Good Vibrations being played nearly non stop on the juke box. Quite ironic for one of my first jobs I made sandwiches and served tea and coffee…..as I did in my last job!

Colin Clark-Hill… Kay, just wondered if it was the same family as Trusthouse Forte, Alex Polizzi etc but probably not. Maybe distant relations . Beach Boys . Yes!

Glynis Phillips… Yes I remember the juke box in Fortes. Happy days. Some of the best days